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Pigs, Lipstick and Islam

ISIS is showing us Islam without makeup...a nightmare.

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Michigan Muslim Candidate for Governor has the chutzpa to declare he plans to make...

Source: Israel Commentary, by Jerome S Kaufman, February 20, 2018 (And, many totally uninformed people drenched in their blind brain washed “Liberalism” will vote for...

Maxine Waters Attended Nation Of Islam Convention Where Farrakhan Defended Suicide Bombers

Source: The Daily Caller, by PETER HASSON, February 17, 2018 Waters attended a Nation of Islam Convention where Louis Farrakhan defended Palestinian suicide bombers The...

Ukip’s Gerard Batten reiterates his belief that Islam is a ‘death cult’

Source: The Guardian, by Peter Walker, February 18, 2018 Ukip’s interim leader, Gerard Batten, has reiterated his belief that Islam is a “death cult” and called for Muslims...

Islamism World Map

Source:  Islamism World Map, February 2018 Islamist organisations: Their global network and presence Based on articles in internationally renowned newspaper articles as well as institutional and...

VIDEO: A Interview with Sandra Solomon

Source: Dr Rich Swier, May 2, 2017 Sandra Solomon is a former Muslim, raised in Saudi Arabia, who now lives in Canada. We talked with...

Youth Prison Counselor Suspected of Joining Jihad in Syria

Source: Clarion Project, BY CLARION PROJECT , February 15, 2018 A former prison counselor to youth in California is under suspicion for lying to the FBI about fighting for ISIS...

Google Partners with Anti-Semitic Islamists

Source: Investigative Project , by Steven Emerson , January 30, 2018 Why are Google and YouTube sponsoring a day-long symposium featuring a roster of speakers including...

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