ANNEX THE WEST BANK – Solve The Arab Israeli Conflict


Published on Jun 19, 2015

Join us as Tom Trento and The United West team take you on location inside the West Bank of Israel aka Judea and Samaria at the community of Karnei Shomron.

Michael I. Teplow explains the complexity of living in a thriving modern Israeli community next to Palestinian Arab villages often times sharing a common fence.

At 13:10 Mr. Teplow shares with you the solution to the Arab Israeli conflict. His solution is that Israel must annex the West Bank and Gaza Strip once and for all.

Mr. Teplow works closely with many Palestinians whom the majority say they would rather live under Israeli rule than Palestinian, Egyptian, or any other Arab country for that matter.

The reason is economics, not love for Israel. Palestinians who work in Israel have a higher standard of living than their fellow Palestinians allowing them to better provide for their families.

The solution of Israel annexing the West Bank and Gaza may or may not be successful but it is clearly a move in the right direction versus the current situation.

The United West National Security tour led by Tom Trento and Roni Wexler, takes participants to parts of Israel rarely visited by tourists. Briefing sessions with respected subject matter experts makes the complex situation in the Middle East more manageable.

Seeing these ‘hot spot’ areas up close and personal adds another dimension to this trip that will help you to feel the heart and soul of Israel to better understand the lifestyle politics of the region.

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