CAIR’s Shibly Schemes To Manufacture Airport Inspection Complaints


Source: Family Security Matters, by ALAN KORNMAN, June 18, 2016

On May 29, 2016 The Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) leader Hassan Shibly was returning to the U.S. from Istanbul Turkey.  At the airport, Mr. Shibly, was asked for a secondary screening by Custom’s and Border Protection (CBP) Agents.

Hassan Shibly got so unhinged, at his secondary screening by the (CBP) he made two selfie videos posting them to his FaceBook page on May 29th & 30th, explaining how certain Muslims should behave when being questioned at the airport.

I will explain how Imam Shibly and CAIR are instructing Muslims to be loud and disrespectful to airport security hoping to generate a mass complaint lawsuit against the U.S. Government for Muslim discrimination at airports.

Hassan Shibly, and many Muslim advocacy groups derive their power by conflating Islam, Muslim, and race.  Everyone knows that a follower of Islam is called a Muslim and there is no racial component in Islam.  It is this false idea of Islam being a race that CAIR plays so well on the unknowing public.

CAIR believes these manufactured secondary inspection complaints will trigger a government report and class action lawsuit on how Muslims are singled out at airports.  The objective is to scare law enforcement into granting accommodations to Muslims over and above the rest of the general population.

Hassan Shibly’s Advice To His Fellow Muslims

1.   When a CBP agent asks you anything beyond identification tell the agent, “None of your Damn Business.”

2.   If your being questioned and its prayer time,  stop everything, prostate yourself, and pray loudly, Brothers and Sisters must not skip their prayers.

3.  Immediately call CAIR and file a complaint with us that you were targeted for inspection.

4.  On behalf of CAIR I will then file a ‘Mass discrimination Complaint’  but I need your help to do it,  so file a complaint because we need a lot of them to bring change and justice.

Let me explain how haram and deceitful Imam Hassan Shibly really is. Imam Shibly lies to his fellow Muslims telling them not to miss a prayer, when traveling,  even if you’re in the middle of a secondary inspection.  Most of the people of knowledge are of the opinion that it is permissible to combine two prayers during the time of either one of them while traveling.  Mohammad himself combined the zuhr and ‘asr prayers before he started his journey in Tabuk.

Hassan Shibly and CAIR are so obsessed on getting these complaints filed they’re instructing Muslims to disregard the example of Mohammad, which is a very serious business in the world of Islam. Innocent Muslims accepting Mr. Shibly’s counsel will be  drawing unneeded attention to themselves, with loud prayers and telling authorities, it’s none of your damn business, over and over.  Hassan Shibly, is betting these innocent Muslim travelers, following his advice, will get extra CBP attention resulting in more complaints for CAIR to achieve their political objectives.


According to 2014 FBI statistics, 56.8% of anti-religious hate crimes were committed against Jews.

Coming in second at 16.1% were Muslims.

I encourage all followers of Islam, to be positive,  go out of you’re way to thank law enforcement and our military men and women for keeping us all safe.  If the CBP calls you in for secondary screening,  cooperate with them, answer their questions, tell them you understand their job is to keep us all safe and its not an easy one.

Put yourself in the shoes of law enforcement and treat them with the respect they deserve.  You will find that once your personal attitude becomes positive, those in authority and in your day to day interactions with people will become more positive.

When you drink from the fountain of positive energy you will see the world differently and most people will respond in kind.

There are people out there like Hassan Shibly and CAIR who will use your positive energy and manufacture hate out of it.  To all my Muslim friends and neighbors, please don’t let Hassan Shibly and CAIR take you down that dark road of manufactured victimhood.