CAIR’s MUBARAK & SHIBLY – What Are You Trying To Hide?


Source: Family Security Matters, by ALAN KORNMANJanuary 26, 2017

The Council  on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL), a  self proclaimed civil rights  group,  is discriminating against non-Muslims at one of their advertised “open to the public” events at the Rosen Center Hotel, Orlando, FL 407-996-9840

The CAIR January 28, 2017 event is titled, “Media Training-How to Interact & Engage with the Media.”  The problem is many people who had RSVP’d and were approved  for tickets, later had their ticket registrations denied without cause or reason.

My question to you Ms. Rahaman, Rasha Mubarak, and  Hassan Shibly – What are you trying to hide from the public?

The Council on American Islamic relations should welcome non-Muslims from the community with open arms of friendship and coexistence, not rejection, secrecy, and intimidation.

CAIR leader Hassan Shibly has a pathological disdain for law enforcement so its only natural that his employees exhibit similar behaviors.  Hassan Shibly is so self absorbed he made a selfie video telling all Muslims to ‘Defy’ U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agents in the course  of doing  their jobs to keep us all safe. (see video above)

Maybe Rasha Mubarak is afraid this video of her at Lake Eola Park in Orlando, FL with her friends who  proudly fly the Hezbollah Flag will get even wider distribution:

This is just one more example of the CAIR organization operating more like the mafia than a civil rights group.  CAIR likes to operate from the shadows and with good reason.  This report is just a small ray of sunshine on how CAIR conducts itself when they think nobody is watching.

Below is the same registration denial letter myself and several  other people around Central  Florida have received.  I have numerous emails advertising the event saying the training class is “open to the public.”   Groups like CAIR who say one thing and do  the opposite are forever stained with public shame.

CAIR Ticket Letter of Denial

Shaliya Rahaman <>

Jan 23 (1 day ago) to me:

Mr Kornman,

Thank you for registering for CAIR-Florida’s upcoming media training on January 28, 2017. As the host and provider of this event, CAIR-Florida has the right to approve or deny individual registration requests. 

You are hereby notified that your registration request has been denied, therefore, you are not allowed to attend the event. 

Please govern yourself accordingly.


Shaliya Rahaman
Community Outreach & Events Coordinator
Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida
8076 N. 56th Street
Tampa, Florida 33617
P: 813.514.1414