French police shot an Algerian man who reportedly attacked them while shouting “this is for Syria” outside the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. One officer is reported to have been injured in the incident.



Police reacted to the event in central Paris Tuesday afternoon, having shut down the neighbourhood, with some 900 tourists and worshippers locked into the Notre-Dame Cathedral for their safety.

French television network BFMTV reports the assailant, who is said to have attacked a police officer with a hammer while shouting “this is for Syria”, had been seen “on the ground”, and that he had been shot in the chest. A search after the event found that in addition to the hammer, the man was also carrying two knives.

The assailant is reported to have been a 40-year-old Algerian student.

Witnesses spoke of two shots fired, which came after the assailant reportedly went after members of the public with the hammer, before turning on a pair of policemen. After striking one in the head, the second officer used his firearm.

The injured parties were subsequently taken to hospital.

Source: Breitbartby OLIVER JJ LANE 6 Jun 2017