Question that has been asked for a very long time, and portrayed by the LEFT as the reason  why Jihad is so deadly.   That if we would just “give them jobs” , they won’t want to kill us.

Marie Harf, the State Department’s no. 2 spokeswoman, said Monday night that ‘lack of opportunity for jobs’ in the Middle East should be US focus.

This question is still relevant today… CRITICIZING is the CAUSE & EFFECT of Jihad.   If you believe that, well, welcome to Fantasyland!

The United West brings you Andrew McCarthy, an incredible investigative resource that spells it out here and in  his article referenced below.

Published on Dec 29, 2015

In this short video Tom Trento “channels” Andy McCarthy on the topic of casus belli, what actually causes Muslim to join up with ISIS and fight in a Holy Jihad. McCarthy, former federal prosecutor in New York and expert on Islamic jihad wrote a provocative article entitled “Just Asking About Islam and Terrorism” which addresses the issues of a “moderate” Muslim joining ISIS because someone aggressively criticized Islam, the Quran or Mohammad. Be sure to read the complete article as Tom only reads McCarthy’s opening paragraph!…

Source: The United West YouTube Channel, December 2015