Ex-Muslim Journalist Explains Sharia Law: Incompatible with U.S. Constitution

Anni Cyrus, a former Muslim who works for the American Truth Project, gives a clear breakdown of what Sharia law is and how it impedes upon the lives of millions of people living in the United States.

Cyrus, who was brought up in a strict Muslim household in Iran under Sharia law, was forced into an arranged marriage and consequently raped and beaten by her husband as well as police.

“I went through much prison time, rape, forced marriage and much more because there were no rights for women under Islamic law,” Cyrus told Daily Wire in 2015.

In her video, she explains:

As a Muslim, if you decide to follow Sharia, you will have a very limited life because, in Sharia, there are details all the way from how to walk into your bathroom, amazingly, all the way to how to, successfully, finish your term of life — meaning, how to die.

Because of those limitations, in a strict guidance, for someone who lives in America to follow Sharia, they will have no choice but to stop enjoying their freedoms and also start disobeying the constitution of America.

Or, if they decide to obey the constitution and enjoy their freedom, then they would have no choice but to stop following Sharia, which would make them a non-devoted Muslim. Therefore, most the people in America who come here from other countries, who were raised as Muslim, always have that conflict.


Source:  BEN KEW@Breitbart.com