Sharia vs Shariah Law – Myth Busted


Educate Yourselves!

This video is a very good example of how Muslims spin Islam  and Shariah…  AND are very good at selling it to the MSM!  To a somewhat ?conservative? station as FoxNews.  Yes, I put  question marks around the word “conservative” as I am trying to imply that FoxNews may have at one time been able to qualify as “conservative news”, but it is VERY questionable now.   This FoxNews host falls right into line with the spin that this Muslim throws at him.  He does NOT speak truth, but follows the political correctness that he is mandated to follow on air.

The United West’s good friend, former FBI Agent John Guandolo, narrates and tells you the truth of what is being said.  Sadly, so many watching this news source will walk away and NEVER realize what this Muslim woman has done!  VERY DANGEROUS!!