CAIR and their Non-Response to the Killing of 2 Israeli Cops


QUESTION: When two Israeli cops are killed on the Temple Mount by devout Muslims, what do two devout Muslim leaders of CAIR in America have to say about condemning this barbaric execution of Jews?

ANSWER: Absolutely Nothing!

EXPLANATION: Nihad Awad and Hassan Shibly are “cultural” terrorists who doctrinally support the defense of the Temple Mount, al-Ḥaram al-Qudsī al-Šarīf.

BOTTOM LINE: Hassan and Nihad, Americans are waking up, your scam is unraveling, your access in DC is dwindling and your relevance is fading, but at least put together a fake Press Release and make believe you condemn this fatal attack against Jews because, as everyone “knows,” Islam is a religion of peace.

The two dead Jewish cops, Hayil Stawi and Kamil Shnan.