Navy Pilots and Politics


As an aficionado of airplanes and people who fly them also, as a Navy veteran trained as a Combat Aircrewman, I take a back seat to no one when it comes to my great respect for Navy pilots.

That said, I find that the twists & turns some people take when their time in military service is over, is totally inexplicable.  John McCain is the current example.  What he survived in his military career is truly astonishing.  His five years of suffering torture in a Vietnamese prison is enough horror for a hundred lifetimes.  But, once he stepped into the pile of political horsehit that the U.S. Congress has become, I am unable to comprehend his thought process.  The word, “warped” comes to mind and it is stuck there.

The same can be said I believe, of a certified military and space hero, John H. Glenn, Jr.  As a Marine pilot in wartime aerial combat and as a pioneer in America’s space program, there is no finer example of true “greatness”.  However, when he become a U.S. Senator with a (D) after his name, he lost me.  I was unable then and to this day, to account for his ultra-Left rhetoric and his “Liberal” voting record.

I’ve heard the expression, “Hero with feet of clay”.  In the cases of these two men and the many others who seem to have fallen off the track of “Reason”, I’m saddened beyond any words to express.