IF Masked, then you are a Rioter, NOT a Protester… there is a difference!


AND… if masked, then you should be arrested!  You do NOT have plans to present your ideas peacefully!

I don’t care what allegiance you swear to today, Antifa, Islam, BLM, Communist, Marxist, etc.   You show up in the streets of ANY community WITH bandanas  or masks around/on your face… YOU SHOULD BE STOPPED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT, TOLD TO UNCOVER YOUR HEAD & FACE.  IF YOU DECLINE/REFUSE, THEN YOU ARE ARRESTED!   Did I scream that loud enough?   I don’t care if you “cover” yourself for “religious” purposes.   IF YOU ARE STANDING IN THE STREETS IN ORDER TO BE NOTICED, YOU MUST BE SEEN!  You should be able to be recorded by all the video being taken!

I do NOT apologize for “yelling”, as I would be accused of on Facebook.  But, it is very clear that what is happening in these events across America (and Europe), that rioters are showing up to disrupt communities, threaten peaceful protesters, threaten law enforcement, bring weapons (sticks, bottles, rocks, pipes, etc), and  to make a name by causing an uprising.   And, with much success as local media is actually encouraging people who “want to know more” to link off the local media page to the rioter’s web page (exampled by this: the BLM page is on the local media page.

Protesters who really want a presence to stand against something will do it peacefully, with signs, mantra’s, some media coverage, and do it with faces fully shown.  Ready to do interviews to expose their views.

Rioters just come with  one thing in mind… disruption, destruction, and mayhem.  AND… these are getting supported by some very big organizations, many linked back to George Soros.  (See here)  They are also well funded as shown in an article here.   The article states “… over 90% of the people who show up in all the protests in the US are literally paid protesters…”   These paid “protesters”, I call rioters, are a group that feels everyone owes them everything.

Talk  to your local law enforcement and let them know you support them and stand against the destruction these rioters bring to your community.  Advise them when you see something.  Be a voice against these rioters.  Tell your local news media stations that you are disgusted with their support of the likes of BLM, Antifa, etc.  Flood your newspapers with reasons WHY these people are NOT peaceful protesters.  Be a voice to protect your community!