The same hate that caused the Holocaust is very much alive today.


It’s Friday evening.

We have entered Shabbat here in the Holy Land, my favorite time of week. I can smell what I think is a freshly baked chocolate cake coming from my neighbor’s apartment, and I can hear families are coming together to eat and celebrate. Things are quieting down, and there is not a lot of traffic now.

I’m home resting this Shabbat and by random I stumbled over a movie taking place in Denmark during the second world war. It is about how hundreds or maybe thousands of Danish Jews were rescued being taken by boats to Sweden. 

Being Danish, I know about this story well. We learned about that in our schools. It’s a part of the Danish history that we are proud of, and it’s something Denmark is well-known for around the world.

When I came Israel, I went to Yad Vashem. The first time I saw the special display thanking Denmark for saving so many Jews, I had to step aside and let my tears flow. The same thing happened the second and the third time I saw the display. The display’s impact is something I can’t explain with words.

Moving to Israel in 2010, I had to learn my way around in Jerusalem. My apartment at that time was located near a place called Dania square, a whole square dedicated to say “Thank you, Denmark” for helping Jews to safety during the war. There is a big boat displayed, like the one the fishermen used to bring the Jews from Denmark to Sweden. It’s just so beautiful and touching.

The minute Jews find out I’m Danish I’m hugged and kissed because of the history of my nation. So, this evening when I started to watch this movie, it was not like I was unfamiliar with Denmark’s history.

But then something happened that made me burst into tears, and I literally was shaking. A Jewish father somewhere in my building started to sing one of the Shabbat songs and his young boy started to sing with him, louder and louder.

With my balcony door open the singing was so loud I felt like I was right next to the man and his son—but I was sitting in my apartment watching a movie showing Jewish people being beaten in Denmark by Nazis trying to escape to Sweden during the war.

In that moment, I was crying uncontrollably thinking, “G-D, here I am sitting in your Holy City of Jerusalem as a Dane looking at a movie about Danish people rescuing your people to Sweden while at the same time I’m listening to your people singing in freedom in Zion, being home in the nation that you singled out to them as their homeland forever!”

There are moments in life where we can feel things comes to a full circle. For me, this was one of these moments. I said to G-D over and over, “Thank you for bringing me to your Holy Land to love and comfort your people as you have commanded us to do.” It’s such an honor and privilege for me that I’ll never be able to put into words.

As I’m sitting on my couch with my make-up completely ruined because of my flowing tears,  enjoying the beautiful Shabbat song from father and son, my heart is overflowing with love for the Jewish people.

A lot of people are saying today that I didn’t live through the Holocaust. If I did, of course I would have done something to help the Jews. Well, talk is so cheap, but to put action behind your words is a lot harder.

I once heard someone say that the people that would have helped the Jews during the Holocaust are the ones that are helping and standing with the Jews today—not just with their words, but with action. I believe that is true. The Jewish people are back in their God-given homeland which has never been the homeland of any other people. The Jews are never to be uprooted again.

Israel was re-born in 1948, brought home to their nation as God prophesized in His Word. It was a re-birth, not a first-birth. Jews has been living in Israel for thousands of years.
Read your Bible; Israel has been attacked several times but with the help of God Israel won those wars, and liberated land that had been taken from her.

Enemies of Israel realized they would never beat Israel in a regular war so the false narrative of Palestine and Palestinians was created by Yassir Arafat who, by the way, was born in Egypt.

The entire Muslim world and left-wingers have made the claim that Israel is an apartheid state stealing land from another people, spreading the lie of Palestine so many times now that the world believes that lie. For that reason the UN and the EU are passing resolutions that say the Jews are not connected to parts of Israel, calling history and the Bible a big lie.

Unfortunately, this gives them their mandate for calling Israel an occupier which is completely outrageous because that means products made in Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem made by Jews are being boycotted which makes life’s very difficult for thousands of Jewish families.   

The Jewish people are still being attacked and killed in Israel and around the world just for being Jewish. Jewish families are being ripped apart, mothers are being butchered in their homes in front of their children, fathers are being butchered while praying in their synagogues, Jews are being shot and stabbed being in the supermarket or waiting in the streets for a bus, and they are being attacked and plainly executed while driving in their cars, or standing guard in the Old City.

Jews are being labeled as occupier of their own country, being labeled as crazy settlers stealing land from a fake people called the Palestinians. Jewish sports teams are met with so much hate as the travel around the world. Sometimes they are attacked, and they always need protection.

Their opponents often refuse to shake their hands, or forfeit a match because they don’t want to compete against a “dirty Jew”.

The deep hate towards God’s chosen people is very much alive today, I have Muslims sending vile and despicable photos from the death camps to my pro-Israel Facebook page called Israel, One Nation; they salute Hitler and are spreading incredible hate towards the Jews. 

I’m simply at as loss for words on the amount of hate. Muslim children are growing up being taught to hate the Jews. They are sent to military summer camps to learn to kill the Jews. It’s so sick.

That is why Hamas, Fatah, and the rest of these terror organizations are calling for the eradication of the Jewish people, and why they pay Muslims who kill the Jews or commit horrific terror attacks.

This is why Israel has no peace partner whatsoever, but an entire Muslim world that wants to wipe the Jewish people off the map.

You tell me if the same hate that caused the Holocaust isn’t alive today.

You may not have lived during the Holocaust but what are you doing for the Jewish people today? What are you doing to come against the same hate that we saw during the Holocaust?

As I’m ending this blog sitting in my apartment in Jerusalem thinking about all of this, having a front row seat to everything happing and what will happen in the Holy Land, I know that God is watching all of us, and one day we will all be asked the same question: What did you do for my chosen people?

God says in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those that bless you (Israel) and I will curse those that curses you (Israel).

Israel is a strong and majestic nation today. The IDF is the best army in the world and they will never be defeated in war!
War will come. Nations will come against Israel with all their power, but they will fail miserably as the God of this universe is fighting for His people.

Did you ever stop to wonder why Israel is always the center of attention, why a false narrative was created by the Arabs to rob the Jewish people from the nation that God gave them? Or why the battle for the Temple Mount and Jerusalem is so intense?

I did. These questions, together with my deep love for God, brought me to this nation and I fell deeply in love with the Jewish people.

There literally is no place like the Holy Land, and the Jewish people are the strongest I know.

Come see for yourself, and actively support the Jewish nation!