Clarion Missed Much Here: 5 Things You Can Do to Challenge Radical Islam


Found at: Clarion Project

As I read through this list of “things” that Clarion is promoting to, as they  put it, “Fight Radical Islam”, I had to respond and do my own challenge to their witless statements here.  The one thing they have stated throughout this list is calling the issue: “Radical Islam”.   It is purely Islam… read, follow, associate, and live out the mandates of Islam as required by their Quran and Hadith… then it is NOT radical, you are a devoted follower of Islam.   STOP calling it “radical”!   If that word alone was removed, this list would be better.

Now to the 5 listed Action Items:

  1.  Educate… agree 100%.  Everyone MUST educate themselves to understand what is mandated by Islam for Muslims and how to manage non-muslims.  Think Caliphate!  If you do NOT know what that is, look it up!  I will NOT explain it here.
  2. Support the Work of Muslim Human Rights Activists… Careful here.  There is someone who is calling herself a “Muslim Human Rights Activist”, Linda Sarsour.  She is a promoter of Shariah Law in America and has made threats to President Trump.  Clarion lists some names on this and they are always presented as the “moderate” muslim.  BUT… is there such a thing?  Either you follow the ideology/doctrine or you don’t.  They follow it. They follow Shariah!
  3. Stand up Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry… it is true, not ALL Muslims are terrorists, but in the past year, how many terrorist attacks have been done by Non-Muslims?  Once educated, you also know the end goals and that is enough to make you question ALL Muslims.  Think Taqiyya! (Again, look it up)  This makes it very difficult to know good from bad.  Also, if you understand that in Islam, “Peace” = when  everyone has been converted.  And, “Justice” = when everyone is living under Shariah!  And understanding how CAIR (Council on Islamic Relations) uses Lawfare to shut down all speech against Islam, you then see that “anti-Muslim bigotry” is a means to an end.
  4. Speak out Against Radical Islam… sorry to repeat myself, but STOP calling it “Radical”.  AND… this list misses so many actions that could be taken!  1.  Contact your Legislators, 2. Contact your Local Law Enforcement, 3.  Bring National Security speakers to your community, 4.  Contact your School Boards, City Councils, Community leaders. 5. Know what your schools are teaching re: History & Islam, 6.  Know your communities and what is being proposed for your area (mosques, Islamic Centers, etc), making sure they are observing city zoning requirements.  7.  Know who’s running for offices in your area and ask tough questions.
  5. If you See Something, Say Something… I fully support reporting questionable behaviour.  But, this item is then diminished with the following statement:  “Some Muslim-Americans have experienced being reported for innocuous activities such as speaking on a cell-phone in Arabic.”   Well, I don’t think I’d call 911 for that unless I saw them also standing by a backpack placed by a car or something else looking suspicious.  BUT, “See Something, Say Something” has proven to be a lawfare case, prosecuting the person reporting it.  Remember the teacher in TX who reported the clock that looked very much like something it wasn’t?  Well… she was the “bad guy” in that scenario and look where the kid ended up.  A visit to then President Obama!

So… here’s my take on this Clarion article.  They have some of this right.  But “some” is NOT good enough!  Defeating Islam across America and the world requires us all to be in synch on 1. Naming the Enemy and 2. Combining forces to speak truth against an onslaught against the U.S. Constitution and Western Civilization!