ISIS Propaganda video, Will Islamist Advocacy Groups Stand Against ISIS?

Right on cue the Islamic Supremacists at Islamic State put out video propaganda telling us that “many Muslims around the world support the Islamic State and any attack on the Islamic State is an attack on All Muslims…so you attack us in our country we will attack you in yours.”
Message to the Islamic world – if you see this Islamic State as a problem it is an internal problem for the followers of Islam to clean up.
In the next 24-48 hours the American Islamic advocacy groups like CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, ICNA, MSA, etc… will put out statements condemning the violence but not the Islamic doctrine that drives it – after all that would be blasphemy. Right now these Islamic Advocacy Groups are unsure on how to message their response because the Islamic State took credit for the attack on behalf of all Muslims yet it is still unclear if the shooter was actually a soldier of Allah. Let this pause be a clue exposing the duplicity of American Islamic advocacy groups – they will say one message if its a Muslim and another message if the attack was not Jihad. Either way the American Muslims leaders will say how much they “fear a backlash” from the others that never comes – that is propaganda 101. Thank you
Propaganda video here: