Candidates Running for Office in 2017/2018: Who Is Brave Enough to Take a Stand – Against the Red-Green Axis on Massive Immigration?


Source: Secure Michigan, October 25, 2017

Who is brave enough to take on the Soros-funded Welcoming America propaganda machine that shills for the non-profits that actually do profit from resettling refugees?  Who will take the risk of being labelled a ‘racist’ by commenting on Sharia-sanctioned crime like the pedophilia allegedly committed by a refugee within a Welcoming City, when Sharia is a political system and does NOT qualify as a race?

Take a Look at Michigan Candidates That Took a Stand:

There are just a few brave women like Jazmine Early and Sanaa Elias, running for city council in the “Welcoming City” of Sterling Heights, Michigan.  A city that has been recognized as a Shariaville with mosque lawsuits and a “Hotel Damascus” where 100+ Syrian refugees have been placed waiting for permanent housing as “seedlings” for a New America.

Michigan candidates were asked to complete a survey regarding Welcoming Michigan and Refugee Resettlement. With the exception of Elias and Early, all of the other candidates running for office in Sterling Heights have remained silent on these critical issues despite the fundamental transformation that is taking place right before their eyes.

On the issue of:  Welcoming Michigan

Sanaa Elias – Candidate for Sterling Heights, MI, City Council

…  I believe Welcome Michigan’s intent is to transform America rather than

encourage appropriate assimilation of refugees and immigrants.


… Since city officials have local control, they need to provide greater transparency to the residents of the program’s costs and risks to the community.   

 … In accepting immigrants, we need to ensure that those who come to our country want to uphold our laws and our Constitution by learning the English language, our history and the standards of citizenry to become self-sufficient.  

Welcoming Michigan does not foster such assimilation in respect to our customs and laws; rather it serves to transform it.  

On the issue of:  Refugee Resettlement

Jazmine Early– Candidate for Sterling Heights, MI, City Council

I believe that after seeing what is happening in Europe, America needs to start thinking about Americans first. Europe is in a crisis that is hard to control now. They are facing an assault on their freedoms. The influx of immigrants is causing citizens from those areas to be pushed away, and they are being replaced by the “new habitants”. Terrorist attacks are increasing and people are dying or being intimidated by Shar’ia Law. We must consider that while American families are shrinking, the birth rate in the immigrants’ population is much higher and this affects the economy. Our country is leaning toward high social welfare as productivity per citizen decreases. How long can we sustain it? Our taxes would have to increase to pay for these expensive programs.

No matter where you live, you can ask candidates that touch your community the hard questions!  Patriots in MI developed a questionnaire they use.  They now offer it for anyone to use.  It can be found here:  questionnaire   It is recommended that you get it in writing and/or use your video camera to test the bravery of those who seek your vote. It is IMPORTANT to know your candidates responses and educate your local community!