FL: Interfaith Meeting, More Islamic Indoctrination

Dear Pastor Paul Hoyer,
I am big fan of interfaith dialogue and building personal relationships with different faiths but those relationships must  also be built on transparency and truth.
On March 29, 2016  WFTV Channel 9 News aired a disturbing story regarding your new friends at the Husseini Islamic Center (HIC).
HIC leadership invited a well known​ radical Iranian cleric named Sheikh Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar to their Mosque for a three day visit resulting in this Channel 9 News story investigative report being aired:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBlwxqqAprQ
Problem:  Sheikh Sekaleshfar, as reported by Channel 9 News, was taped lecturing that “Homosexuals should be killed and that killing gays is the compassionate thing to do.”  This type of incitement to violence rhetoric is unacceptable  in America, under any circumstances. 
Pastor Hoyer, is this an ideology​ that cares for others even though they may be different than us?
After  Sekaleshfar’s three day visit lecturing at HIC, he left for Australia.  The Australian Government revoked his visa, kicking him out of the country, based on his hate speech.  In fairness,  here is an interview where this radical cleric tried to justify his position which even the interviewer wasn’t buying.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFOnRgu8O4U
Proof of the dates Sh. Sekaleshfar spoke at HIC before and after this viral  story aired on local TV.  HIC leaderships’ claims of ignorance regarding Sekaleshfar’s hate speech were untruths.
You will also see HIC’s next speaker, Sayed Mustafa Qazwini  May 10-12, 2016, was also embroiled in controversy for anti Israel comments​.​

​Qazwini made the outrageous claim that Israel is responsible for ISIS and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.  This type of anti Jewish  rhetoric is common inside the fundamentalist Shia community, HIC Leadership, and the Mullah’s of Iran.  Qazwini has a long history of controversial positions.
Pastor Hoyer – I have presented to you evidence, by HIC’s own hand, the fundamentalist anti gay and anti Jewish leanings of HIC based on the speakers they pay to teach their Masjid (Mosque) congregation.
My hope is you will verify all the open source material presented to you today, letting  your conscience be your guide going forward regarding building a relationship with the Husseini Islamic Center.  My hope is that you will share your findings with others in the religious community regarding the duplicity of messaging at HIC. It is well past time for the Husseini Islamic Center to take the moral straight path and publicly condemn Sh. Sekaleshfar and Imam Qazwini for their hatred against Gays and Jews.
As Mohammad said in Sahih Bukhari – “Silence Is  Consent” 
Look forward to your reply so we can open a dialogue on this matter.  There are true Muslim reformers and former Muslims out there I can introduce you too.  I have a friend in Tampa who was called to minister to the​ followers of Islam​,​ I think you would find him ​profoundly  interesting.
Best regards,
Alan Kornman