Where will the “moderate” muslim stand when Jihad is demanded of them?


There are “moderate” muslims, but there is NO moderate Islam

As I surf through articles, websites, and YouTube each day, I look for honest reporting related to threats against the west, it’s rule of law, and the Judeo-Christian culture established in the west.  Difficult as that is most days, there are some very good sites available.  In today’s search, I found Robert Spencer on YouTube, explaining the “moderate” muslim.

The word “moderate” has been used to identify the Muslim next door.  Always questioning how they could ever be a participant in the war of Jihad against a Judeo-Christian neighbor.  Surely that Muslim neighbor would discount/refuse anything demanding that they practice Islamic Law (Shariah) or Jihad to harm his(her) family, community or neighbor.  Well, maybe that’s true.  OR… would they?

Watch Robert Spencer explain it so clearly.  Suicidal government leadership is NOT the solution!