Here’s Trump’s Grade Report For Growing The Economy, Keeping America Safe [VIDEO]


Source: The Daily Caller, by GINNI THOMAS, 11/04/2017

Ken Abramowitz, co-founder of NGN Capital, a health care private equity fund and hedge fund is an unusually astute citizen-student of Western civilization and national security. He spends a portion of each week working to help others understand the threats to America and how they could be overcome.

Abramowitz grades presidents, candidates and countries on three criteria – growing the economy, preserving our culture and protecting us physically from threats. The values that form his foundation come from six of Western civilization’s founding documents. In this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation, Abramowitz gives former President Barack Obama an F, F and F, and President Donald Trump an A-, B- and C- for a low B average.

Using his substantial analytical skills, he summarizes complicated material and then briefs leaders, speaks to groups and tries to help media, academia, business and citizens understand the stakes of current events. The foundational values he seeks to preserve are individual rights, free enterprise and limited constitutional government, which are under attack from 10 fronts, he explains.

The 10 front war, shown in a slide within this video, on Western civilization includes: Iran, international globalists, a weakened NATO, European socialism, Iran’s invasion of Latin America, the Muslim Brotherhood, American mosques being financed by friends and adversaries, Iran and ISIS on our border, North Korea and cyber threats.

Abramowitz labels normal people as “rational centrists,” a group who must expand in numbers in order for the West to survive, he says. The domestic scene confuses Americans with false narratives, he says, from four factions — political Islam, leftists, globalists and isolationists. His hope, to save this nation, is to grow the number of rational centrists in the nation before we get swallowed up by the strongest contingent, which he thinks is political Islam.

He gives this public service effort two days a week, offering clarity in an age of confusion, distraction and mass manipulation.

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