Ethics Committee


The democrat’s strategy of obstructionism, undermining the efforts of the president to govern, has all the elements of an attempted coup. I do not believe their actions are a part of the constitutional provision of checks and balances. I do believe their actions are destructive to our democratic process and therefore illegal. But that doesn’t matter. We already know that Washington politicians can break the law with impunity, don’t we? Mind you, I don’t foresee Chuck Schumer or anyone else forcing Donald Trump into exile. So, the threat of a political coup is remote. But we seem too willing to accept unethical and illegal behavior from our leadership.

Why do we allow such behavior to flourish in an otherwise law abiding society? Hilary Clinton, as first Lady of Arkansas, barely escaped prosecution in the White Water Real Estate scandal. As Secretary of State, she knowingly mishandled government classified information by using a private server. She intentionally destroyed e-mails and I-phones to avoid the discovery of incriminating evidence by a Congressional Committee. She was officially declared negligent regarding the security of our embassy in Benghazi resulting in the deaths of the ambassador and three other Americans. The Clinton Foundation knowingly accepted illegal donations from foreign countries during her stint at the State Department. In spite of a long record of incompetence and corruption, she was never relieved of her position. As a matter of fact, she was nominated as the Democratic Party’s candidate for President of the USA. Corruption runs so deep that Hilary and the DNC then shamelessly cheated during the nomination process and the presidential debates of 2016. There are supporters who argue that she has done nothing criminal and you may want to believe that argument if you want to debate the fine differences between criminal and illegal behavior. But if you miss the picture of corruption here, then you must have your head buried in sand up to your ass.

Hillary isn’t the only one. There are others. But Hillary Clinton is probably the most corrupt of them all. The point is we do nothing to face up to corruption or illegal or unethical behavior by our popular politicians. Are we too naïve to believe that these people may be flawed? Is it just too much trouble to dismiss them and then find someone else to start building trust? Our politicians don’t feel they are accountable for their behavior and that is our fault because we seem too afraid to hold their feet to the fire. They engage in “feel good” legislation, rather than good legislation, because it easily satisfies our naïve view of what is important and gives us the false impression that they are doing important work.

Such is the state of our political world. We could continue to have the world go by as it is with our head in the sand or we could open our eyes and do something. The Congressional Ethics Committee is a joke. We foolishly believe that putting the fox in charge of the henhouse will work. An ethics committee should be made up of ordinary citizens like .you and I with the power to fire any politician found guilty of misconduct. We should have some control of our own destiny. Then we need to look to politicians with integrity, who work hard for the benefit of the people. Put the muscle of our numbers behind that person. That person is out there. You just have to be willing to not be fooled by corruption.

My Two Cents