America Resurgent – Dr. Gary Newman


Dr. Gary Newman is an Outreach Specialist for Citizens for National Security. In addition to volunteering his time to speak to civic, community, religious groups and school boards, he practices general dentistry in Boca Raton.

Born and raised in NY as a baby boomer, he earned his BS degree from Hofstra U in 1970 and a DMD degree from U of Pa in 1974. It was during his formal schooling that he focused on developing communication skills and trained to be a public speaker.

Dr Newman has a broad background in Judaism, Christianity, and the Middle East in general. Following 9/11, he became acutely aware and concerned about the threats to his culture, tradition, and national security. He embarked on an all-out effort to combine his religious and historical knowledge to create a public awareness about the threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism. He has focused his attention on the attempts by Islamic extremists to inject propaganda into the textbooks used in K-12 public and private school systems. He recently successfully reversed a decision by the Palm Beach County Textbook Selection Committee to purchase a pro-Islamic, highly biased text for middle and high schools in favor of a more fair and balanced one. He also made a popular video exposing the causes and threats of homegrown terrorism. He views speaking before you today on “Cultural Jihad” a privilege.