Wife Beating in Islam – The Rules


If a Muslim husband finds his wife cheating on him then he is prescribed the ways to resolve it, and no, it does not include torturing her. Islam encourages husbands to forgive the mistakes of their wives, and suggests softer resolutions. Woman has the right to marry the man of her choice but husband will be the family leader and protector, not a tyrant.

Your government has the responsibility to provide you safety and protection, but that also brings authority with it. You follow civic conduct and enjoy the benefits; but if you go violent then don’t whine about getting jailed.

You could apply this concept to the relationships of “Parents to children”, “Senior to junior”, & “Husband to wife”. Husband is responsible for expenses of wife and nurturing and education of kids, and husband has seniority in decision-making for the welfare of family.

Now the question: “What a wife can do if her husband is violent and is abusing her?”.
Answer: She can contact the elders of family such as her parents or her husbands parents so that the husband can be educated. If husband is too violent (depending upon how the wife feels about it) then she SURELY can contact the Islamic court of law and get a divorce, or can get her husband jailed or even lashed for abusing her (again, depending on the scale of abuse).

In Islam, there is no one-way ticket for husband to do whatever he wants with his wife. Husband is the protector and acts like guardian in responsibility. Sure, that brings authority too, but then again, what do you do if guardian of the family starts being unjust to his family? Sure you will either try to politely discuss the issues with him, or in extreme cases you can get him removed from guardianship.
Again, there is no free lunch for men.