Anti-Semitism Scandal Hits McMaster University


Source: Canary Mission, December 13, 2017

Ontario, Canada


Anti-Israel students at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada have published multiple social media posts praising Adolf Hitler, demonizing Jews and glorifying terrorist organizations.

A firestorm has broken out in the McMaster community following a December 2017 McMaster Report by anonymous campus anti-Semitism watchdog Canary Mission, which identified 39 current and former students who posted over 280 bigoted comments on social media.

The individuals were all affiliated with McMaster Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (Mac SPHR), the local campus anti-Zionist organization, which is a Canadian chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

 The list of outrageous comments include:

  • “Death to America and white people” — Nadera Masad

  • “How long does it take a zionist woman to take out the trash?…………Nine months.” — Nadera Masad

  • “I honestly wish I was born at the time of the second world war just to see the genius, Hitler, at work.” — Rawan Qaddoura

  • “falastine ibladna wel ya7ood eklabna [palestine is our land and the jews are our dogs].” — Walid Abdulaziz

  • “Where is hitler when u need one?’ I literally ask this every day.” — Esra Bengizi

  • “I’m actually going to the rule the world and get rid of anyone who doesn’t have basic common sense or if you’re yahoodi [Jewish]” — Esra Bengizi

On Tuesday the Algemeiner ran an article on the report. The response from the McMaster community was rapid.

It quickly became a heated discussion on Spotted at Mac, a McMaster community chat forum on Facebook with over 29,000 members.

The anti-Zionist Mac SPHR released a statement on their Facebook page that condemned the anti-Semitic comments posted by the numerous members and officers within their organization.

On Wednesday the McMaster university administration released a statement condemning the anti-Semitic posts and asserting that they are “actively reviewing” them.

The Algemeiner published a follow-up article that included a statement from the McMaster chapter of Hillel and one from B’nai Brith Canada, decrying the hateful posts and calling on the university to take action.

 However, the response was not all positive.

 “The only good Zionist is a dead Zionist. Add that to my profile.”

This was the shockingly unrepentant tweet sent out by Nadera Masad within a day of being exposed for promoting violence against Jews and praising Hitler. Since over 6.4 million Jews currently reside in Israel, her statement is nothing short of a call for a genocide — in greater number than even her hero Hitler.

 A few hours later she tweeted, “I keep saying, we need to cleanse the world of creatures such as these dirty white Americans,” with the note, “Add this to my canary profile.” A day later, after having her fill of bigotry, she deleted her Twitter account.

 The Canary Mission McMaster exposé is the latest in a series of scandals to have hit SJP and its leader Hatem Bazian. They have been exposed so often for bigotry and racism that SJP is no longer seen as a serious player by university administrations or even former members.

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