Well folks, here you have it, video proof positive – CAIR, a Muslim terrorist organization, joining with Marxists to “Fuck Capitalism,” impeach Trump and destroy America.

(by the way, my use of terrorist means the inner struggle, self-improvement type of terrorist)

Right about now, Capo dei Capi of CAIR National, Nihad Awad (not his real name) is on his hot line to the up-and-coming jihadi Wunderboy, Hassan Shibly in Florida and screaming at him – ماذا اللعنة!

(translation – WTF!)

You see, the ikhwanul muslimin (Muslim Brotherhood) wants to fly under the counter-terrorist radar and implement their civilization jihad through the Democrat Party and political process, not through unhinged Marxists talking about the benefits of Palestinian tear gas experiences!

Up until November 2016 the Brotherhood was on-track and experiencing Islamic chills up and down their Armani suit legs, prematurely thanking Allah for delivering such a useful idiot infidel as Hillary!

Truth be told, the Brothers are still pissed at Huma for dropping the ball!

Somehow in God’s Providence in November 2016, He chose a failed, flawed, blue-collar billionaire to be a roadblock or maybe stop sign in the Brotherhood’s quest to Islamize the United States of America.

Nihad’s plan was to have his Green team (Islam) join with the Red team (Marxists) and form an unstoppable Alliance to usher in the next phase of Islamic domination but that ball-buster from New York was having none of that!

Of course, millions of American Patriots were also having none of that Alliance crap.

Therefore stay tuned for at least three more years of Muslims going Wild, publically saying insane stuff, joining with more and more anti-American crazies and watch for Nihad to dye his white hair blacker and black as he tries maintain control of his movement in chaos.

Yes…The United West will bring you all this entertainment in living-color, with surround sound, on a regular basis!

Break out the haram popcorn.