Rasha Mubarak – CAIR Leader & President of the Young Democrats of Orange County sponsored an anti-semitic hate fest on December 8, 2017 at Lake Eola Park, Orlando, Florida.

CAIR, Young Democrats of OC, and Organize Florida held a rally protesting the United States moving our Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem, but that is not what really motivated them.

You will see Rasha Mubarak’s friend Said Lutfi, scream every anti semitic, Jewish hating curse, in both Arabic and English at our camera.

We translated the Arabic curses and one of them was a veiled death threat inciting violence against us. You will see how a few of the Palestinian supporters use low level intimidation tactics that are laughable but always entertaining.

The United West team learned some very interesting lessons at this CAIR sponsored Israeli hatefest.

1. We learned this Israeli Palestinian conflict is not about land but about religiosity. The vocal hatred of the Jews Said Lutfi proudly displayed had nothing to do with Israel. Lutfi and CAIR’s hatred of the Jews is personal.

2. The Young Democrats of Orange County, FL partnering with CAIR for this Israeli hatefest is troubling. More troubling is the crowd standing silently as Lutfi utters every anti semitic slur known to man. A sad day indeed for the Democratic party unless you are an anti semite you will fit right in.

3. We learned that CAIR is a Civil Rights Group Fraud and the Young Democrats of Orange County must share the same views based on Garson Larza’s silence and the bigot Rasha Mubarak as their President.

Lastly, we learned the followers of Islam don’t even believe Jesus died on the cross so the lies of Said Lutfi about the Jews are false and motivated by a dark and evil hate.

The video camera is a powerful tool showing exactly what evil people do and more importantly when they do nothing.

Today we saw both and it is a stain on Orlando The City Beautiful.