Muslim Brotherhood in America – Clare Lopez Interview, former CIA Officer explains


Muslim Brotherhood & Gulen Movement… in America!  “Only one interpretation of Islam”!  No matter how it is described or lived.

Former CIA officer Clare Lopez on the Liz Wheeler Show explains the Gulen Movement and the role their schools play. In the United States they have a combination of charter schools (160) and private schools and Universities. They have sold 1 private school (Putnam) and are currently trying to sell another private school in Brooklyn, NY (Amity)

These Gulen operated CMOs (Charter Management Organizations) are stealing from tax payers. Their largest scam has to do with Real Estate, they will purchase a property then lease it back to via the school district at a huge inflated cost. Dove Science Academy, Horizon Science Academy and other Gulenists operated schools do this. As well as H1-b Visa immigration scams, defrauded the Federal Government via grants, bonds as well as EEOC infractions . Their schools perform mediocre at best and in many areas below standard. They falsify and cheat on tests painting a false image with awards and other contests. Gulen Schools are a danger to the children of the USA. Magnolia Science Academy, Horizon Science Academy, Harmony Science Academy, Dove Science Academy, Sonoran Science Academy, and more.