Sharia Crime: Perpetrator claims “Innocent”… By Sharia Standards he is!


Invader tried to lure young girls into his home by offering money and gifts.

Muslim refugee got “touchy touchy” with a 10 year old girl; he rubbed her upper thigh and touched her buttocks.

Refugee grabbed, fondled and tried to forcibly kiss the girls.

Bail was reduced from $50,000 to only $15,000. If he gets out he will likely disappear into another US community like so many other Muslim invaders charged with assault.

Other NH Muslim arrivals (INVADERS) came from Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Iraq.
Some public schools in these areas are forced to deal with EIGHTY different languages.

Nashua Mayor proposed a resolution to make Nashua a “welcoming city”, meaning he wants MORE child predators in YOUR back yard.

Prophet Mohammed practiced and preached rape and Muslims consider him to be the PERFECT PERSON. They are encouraged to emulate every aspect of his life.