Chrislam Exposed: The Seductive Lie of a Common God between Christianity & Islam


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Christian Pastor and former Muslim Shahram Hadian shares his journey of becoming a Christian, will expose the false teachings of “Chrislam,” and will uncover Chrislam’s growing and devastating implementation into our churches and missions both in America and oversees. Shahram speaks around the nation with a heart to awaken America, and especially the church. As a former Muslim, he is deeply grieved over Christian pastors and missional leaders promoting this false gospel in their effort to be culturally sensitive to Muslims. Despite Chrislam’s proponents, Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God. “You can not be a Muslim and a true follower of Jesus Christ. Chrislam not only endangers the hope of salvation for Muslims but threatens to lead many Christians astray from the truth of God’s Word.” – Shahram Hadian