TIL (The Truth in Love Project), by Founder Shahram Hadian

A Christian pastor and former Muslim, Shahram Hadian travels around the nation speaking on critical issues facing us as Americans. The simple mission of The TIL Project is to courageously speak the “truth in love” on issues such as…
  • The true goal of Islam and threat of Shari’ah Law in America
  • Exposing the lie of Chrislam (false claim that Christianity and Islam have a common god and a common word)
  • Restoring our Constitutional Republic
  • Revival and restoration
  • The need for courageous leadership in the pulpit and in our churches
  • Restoring the 10 Commandments in our nation
  • Sanctity of life and marriage
  • Protecting our Constitution and the rule of law from application of foreign law
  • Protecting our 2nd Amendment
  • National security
  • Standing with the nation of Israel

Two things have become abundantly clear to Hadian – people are tired of political correctness, and people are ready to hear the truth. This reality demonstrates the need for courageous leaders in all spheres of our society, particularly within our government, who are willing to speak the truth and stand for our foundational principles.

Islam’s Assault on the U.S. Constitution (Part 1)