Ex-Muslim Imam Reveals Horrifying Thing 80% Of U.S. Mosques Have In Common

Dr. Mark Christian has risked his life to leave Islam and expose what thousands of mosques in America have in common.

Source: Mad World News, April 6, 2016

An ex-Muslim imam, whose family members are influential Muslim Brotherhood advisors, was forced to flee from Egypt to the U.S. after converting to Christianity, a crime warranting the death penalty under Sharia law. Now, he has a disturbing warning for Americans regarding U.S. mosques, and the one thing that 80 percent of them have in common should have us shutting them all down.

 Dr. Mark Christian of the Global Faith Institute has risked life and limb to speak out about his life-long study of political, militant, and social Islam. Raised to be an imam since childhood, Dr. Christian followed in his father’s medical footsteps, becoming a military physician at the El-Maadi Military Medical Center in Cairo. It was there that he cared for the highest government officials — including President Hosni Mubarak’s family.
 Although his father and uncle are considered high-ranking Muslim Brother members on an international level, Dr. Christian has dedicated his life to combating terrorism and Islamic ideology, even under threat of a fatwa. Bucking political correctness and breaking the silence, Dr. Christian reveals that the Muslim Brotherhood is far from disbanded. In fact, it’s in our own backyard.

The Islamic expert and anti-terrorism advocate claims that around 80 percent of the 2,800 mosques in America are directly under the supervision of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to Christian Today.

“You have a new mosque opening every week in America,” said Christian, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity.

He explained that the FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies have been failing to win the “war on terror” because they’re looking at links between Muslims and terrorist organizations when they should be examining the source of 1,400 years of Islamic violence — the Quran and hadiths.

“The problem is you have law enforcement agents walking into a mosque but they are looking for the wrong thing,” he said. “They are trying to monitor mosques (back when they were allowed to do that before President Obama) to try to find dirt and what they will find [are] people seeking spiritual salvation, something all of us will look at as an honourable thing, but they are missing the ticking bomb.”

Dr. Christian revealed why many Muslim terrorists in the West are either recent converts or non-practicing Muslims until their recent dedication to carrying out attacks. He argues that they haven’t earned salvation by keeping the 5 pillars of Islam, so they must obtain paradise in more Muhammadan fashion — killing unbelievers.

“The confidence you see of those guys walking calmly to their own death as they push their carts, they are not trying to blow up the airport to make the ISIS leader proud any more than the 9/11 terrorists were flying their planes into a building so they can make Osama bin-Laden proud,” he said. “They are doing it to please their own Allah so they can gain salvation.”

Muslims who’ve fallen away from their faith of devoutly adhering to the many religious requirements find a quick and easy way to redeem themselves through terror, which the Islamic Prophet Muhammad himself said had made him victorious. Of course, since they are not scholars of Islam, it is the mosque clerics who point them to this fool-proof method of redemption.

“He walks in as a sinner who has neglected his spiritual duties under Islam and is told this is what you need to do,” he said. “The imam does not tell him to go blow himself up, he just shows him the life of Muhammad and says this is what you need to emulate. To neglect this will put you in hell,” he said, adding that those Muslims are looking for a short cut to gain salvation. “They do not want to do the hard work and go for the long haul. The choice is spilling your own blood for the cause of Islam, or working hard for the rest of your life trying to fulfill your duty as a Muslim with no guarantee of salvation at the end.”

According to WND, Dr. Christian reminds that there are essentially 3 kinds of Muslims — the first are devoutly religious from day one, keeping the pillars of Islam. The second type are the backsliders, falling away and becoming “Westernized” or non-practicing Muslims. However, the third are the prodigal sons, who fall away but seek a desperate return to the faith. It is through terror that they are atoned of their sinful ways.

Speaking regularly in Nebraska and other locations around the U.S., Dr. Christian is trying to warn Americans of what will happen if we continue to harbor the very political ideology that’s made a 7th-century wasteland of over 50 Sharia countries, including his own home. It no longer takes an invading army of swordsmen to overtake our nations, as was the case during the time of Muhammad. However, through religious migration, conversion, and the creeping implementation of Sharia law, even the freest, most powerful democracies are falling to Islam.