Muslim woman from Canada explains why pedophilia is OKAY for followers of Muhammad.


Source: SML, September 7, 2017

TUW Commentary:  This is not an endorsement, but a posting for awareness that Pedophilia is an abhorant behavior and MUST be stopped.  Education of the problem is required to enable a solution to stop it!  This woman tries to tell you that because it happened 1400 years ago, it was acceptable.  Problem with that theory is that it is happening today, in the Middle East AND in the west! Followers of Muhammad are still imitating his actions because Islam requires them to do that, to respect and NOT challenge any of Muhammand’s behavior.  Questioning means you are NOT a true follower of Islam.

Child brides is NOT acceptable!

Then this woman tries to convince you that silence is consent.  Seriously?  How does a child say “No” to a man when she doesn’t even understand  what he is about to do to her?  What Pedophile would accept that “No” and NOT harm that girl?  What reality is this woman  living under?  Total lunacy!