The United West – History and In Action


This video was originally published in 2011, with some history of where The United West originated.  What’s incredible is how much more the West is under attack today.  The election of President Donald Trump has been a major impact to America for the good, but we still need the President to define the enemy more clearly to enable a plan to defeat it.  The recent release of the National Security Strategy has provided some direction against Sharia and Jihad, but until we name where those 2 areas originate from, we will not be able to finalize the strategy to defeat them.  Mr. President, Sharia and Jihad are the tenets of Islam!

As you see from this video, The United West has been on the front lines for many years.  We continue to be on the front lines to educate and protect communities.  This information is still relevant today!  The Muslim Brotherhood MUST be designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization and the Holyland Foundation Trial MUST re-engage to indict those remaining unindicted co-conspirators!

Please help us continue this fight for America and the West!  We are grateful for all your support so far and THANK YOU in advance for any help you can provide.

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