Sharia Crime Stoppers Presentation in Ohio



This is Recap # 2 of our National Security Briefing 
with Dick Manasseri 
Last Sunday’s National Security briefing featured Dick Manasseri, a very Pro-Constitutional activist, from Michigan. His presentation was both outstanding and disturbing at the same time.
We now have the video of his presentation available. It is at the very end of this email.
I hope you took the time to read the article I sent two days ago from Leo Hohmann. It laid out a very problematic FBI policy that Dick Manasseri has uncovered in Michigan.
Here’s the article again in case you missed it:
Here’s the presentation from last Sunday. Please watch it again and share it with others. Our meeting with Dick on Sunday was meant to be introduction to the topic of Sharia Crimes and the training program, Sharia Crime Stoppers, available for FREE to law enforcement.
We plan on having a ongoing discussion of this subject and another program, in March, dedicated to it. Our ask, of you, is quite simple, Bring law enforcement to that meeting.
One way to broach the subject with your friends or family that are in law enforcement would be to simply ask them a question. For example:
Have you or any members of your command staff received any training on the Islamic Jihad threat? Or, just training on terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism?
Here are a list of other questions that can help you as well.