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An earlier post we asked: 2018 Candidates: Who Is Brave Enough to Stand Against Sanctuary and the Grand Transformation?

Now a Catholic Church in Michigan continues to promote Sanctuary and Amnesty at the parish level, at the level of the individual voter who might just be attracted to the gubernatorial candidacy of Sanctuary State proponent Abdul El-Sayed.

Macomb Township’s St. Isidore hosts DACA dinner Saturday

St. Isidore Catholic Church Rev. Noel Cornelio said that six Dreamers have confirmed their attendance at Saturday’s DACA Dinner to be held at St. Isidore Catholic Church in Macomb Township. The event is open to the community to hear Dreamers tell their stories. Nicole Tuttle — For the Macomb Daily

The only GOP gubernatorial candidate on record against Sanctuary Cities continues the fight:


Sen. Colbeck introduced and recently testified in favor of SCR 21, a state resolution to support passage of the federal law known as the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act”. The resolution was also done in conjunction with SCR 20, introduced in support of “Kate’s Law”.

In Michigan, five communities have adopted some measure of sanctuary policies. These communities are Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Detroit, Lansing and Washtenaw County.

“Sanctuary in this context is merely a euphemism for not enforcing the law,” Sen. Colbeck said during his testimony in support of SCR 20 and 21. “The practical implications of sanctuary cities is that law enforcement officers are directed by elected officials not to enforce federal law despite these same elected officials not having the legal authority to do so. These decisions are typically driven by political considerations that do not include the safety of our citizens.”

Sen. Colbeck cited the tragic death of Kate Steinle as evidence of the very real safety concerns associated with the refusal to enforce U.S. immigration law. Colbeck said that the man who killed Kate should never have been here, and that it is absurd that an additional law needs to be passed to make sure police can fully detain people who are here illegally. 

Under the proposed federal laws, any individual, spouse or a parent or child of that individual who is the victim of murder or rape may then bring civil suit against a municipality whose sanctuary policies enabled the convicted criminal. The law would apply to other serious felonies as well, and penalties would also be increased for illegal immigrants who commit criminal offenses while in our country.

Is anybody paying attention to the Red-Green Axis in state elections nationwide?