Jews are being killed and the world has lost its moral compass!


It has been a very hard month here in Israel as the despicable face of Muslim terrorism rose again, and Jewish blood was again flowing in the streets.

It has become unbearable; my heart is breaking over and over when I have to share to the whole world that another Jewish family was ripped apart from Muslim terror.

Three weeks ago, Rabbi Raziel Shevach was executed when Muslim terrorists fired twenty-two rounds into his car. A young woman became a widow and their six children now have to grow up without a daddy. Raziel Shevach was only forty years old.

Last week, Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal was stabbed to death as he was waiting at the bus stop on the way to the bris of his nephew. Another young widow now has to raise their four children alone, without a daddy, because a Muslim terrorist decided to end his life. At this time, a manhunt is taking place to catch this terrorist.
Itamar Ben gal was only twenty-nine years old.

There are far too many mothers crying in Israel. Far too many broken hearts and families destroyed by grief. Far too many Jewish people who will never get to kiss that special someone any more, touch them, or look into their eyes.

Far too many children will never celebrate their birthdays, or experience their big and wonderful wedding day with Mom and Dad.

Most of the time, these horrific terrorist attacks are not even mentioned in mainstream media around the world. However, when attacks take place in Europe or in America, it is breaking news.

Whenever there is a terrorist attack around the world, everybody is quick to condemn and talk about how awful Islamic terrorism is. But the hypocrisy when it comes to terror attacks taking place in Israel— the double standard—is that the world is silent.

Why is it that Jewish blood apparently is so cheap compared to others, its so shameful for the rest of the world!

Try to imagine that all the terror attacks taking place in Israel had been committed by Jews or Christians against the Muslims. The entire world would be up and in arms. But when it is Jews being killed, over and over, people think, “Why care about that?”

It’s a fact that it will never happen; Jewish or Christian people don’t do that. I just want to make that perfectly clear.

No only would they not care or protest Jewish murders, many governments around the world are directly funding these attacks with the money they are pouring into the Palestinian Authority—$350 million dollars was used to pay terrorists last year who killed Jewish people. I would say that the world completely has lost its moral compass, including all the journalists who don’t mention these heinous attacks.

If they do, it is often written that the Jew is to blame, being “a settler living in the occupied West-Bank.” This gives a kind of legal ground for Muslims to attack.

It is repulsive to watch how many Muslims are pouring into the streets celebrating and handing out candy when a Jew has been killed. What kind of culture is this, when you glorify someone that just took the life of a father of four small children—when you celebrate that? This occurs on top of Muslims being rewarded by the worlds’ governments.

Israel dos not have a peace partner, but a “partner” that wants to take Israel piece by piece and turn it into Palestine without any Jews, something they are not even hiding.

Fatah, or Hamas, only has one type of map: all Israel turned into Palestine. The only reason Abu Mazen is even mentioning a two-state solution is to milk billions of dollars from the governments around the world. He is a snake speaking with two tongues, and he is playing the game quite well.

The lies of occupation, a two-state solution and apartheid, have been told so many times that the truth has become a lie and the lie has become truth. For many people around the world, terror attacks against the Jews are acceptable because it’s a fight against occupation—which is sick and twisted!

Millions of people around the world are simply barking with the Muslims and their propaganda against Israel without even thinking for themselves or actually fact-checking the Palestinian narrative or claims of occupation. They don’t look into the history of the Palestinians, which will only take fives seconds, as it doesn’t exist. The world has been fooled to believe its true. This is also why the Muslims are killing the Jews.

Evil has many shapes, forms, and faces, but it’s the same Root. We are living in a world where it seems like Jewish life doesn’t have the same value as a terrorist attack against people in Belgium, Germany, France, or America.

How do you fight an enemy that teaches its children from infancy to hate and to kill? An enemy whose people call themselves Palestinians, and who send their children to summer camps every year in the Gaza strip to learn to kill Jews?

The Palestinians have school plays and TV programs for children teaching them to attack and kill Jewish soldiers, and when they do, the PA rewards them.

All of this took place long before President Trump’s announcement about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel—just stating the obvious. So to all the ignorant people that are falling on their tales believing the lie that “Trump upset the Muslim world,” so now they are entitled to go even more crazy and attack the Jews, WAKE UP!

When a Jewish father can be executed with twenty-two bullets driving in his car, and another Jewish father can be slaughtered in the street waiting on the bus and ten children now have to grow up without a father, and these terror attacks don’t make it into mainstream media, something is wrong. The world is silent as these terrorists receive a funeral for a hero because the Israeli government actually hands over the body of a terrorist to his family. This is it extremely shameful and mocks the victims.

I am truly appalled and I bow my head in shame.

We need to do better, much better. We cannot abandon the Jewish people when they are such a blessing to the whole world, when they are always the first out and about helping around the world when disaster strikes, setting up hospitals, and helping thousands of people fleeing from Syria.

We have a moral obligation to do what is right, not fall on our face and believe the lies and propaganda.

To the Jewish people I want to say: We love and support you and we cry with you from all of this senseless killing of your mothers, fathers, grandparents, and your beloved children!