Truth be told my organization, The United West also ran an “information operation” in 2016 with the intent of persuading US citizens, especially Floridians, to vote for conservative polices relating to the economy, culture, national security and Israel. If we were successful in our educational campaign the citizens would most likely vote for Donald Trump.  According to the Department of Justices’ RUSSIA INDICTMENT, this is exactly what the Russian government did through a rat’s nest of phony organizations and third-rate spies. The primary difference in our work and the Russian government is about 15 million dollars and success. They spent the 15 mil with 80 employees and we got the success!  My team was able to utilize social media, rallies, protests, video and other educational tools to get a sufficient number of evangelical Christians out to the polls and put Florida in the win column!  If Florida wins…the rest is history!

But…the point I want to make today is NOT how information operations work but how ridiculously absurd this thirty-seven page Department of Justice Indictment is on its face and in its essence. The DOJ should be embarrassed that Mueller’s best and brightest took all this time and money to produce this silly piece of useless paper that tells us nothing new and makes the United States intelligence agencies look Inspector Clouseau on his first assignment.

If you listen to the cable stations and their bobble-heads “experts” this Russian Indictment has “eye-popping” revelations that shake America to her moral core. Here are some of these findings by this top-rated investigative team, along with some of the advertisements that the Russians dropped on our Republic with the obvious intent of causing the fall of the West:


  1. Russia tried to create confusion in several of our elections starting in 2014.  HUH? This is a claim and evidence that the DOJ submitted for its case. If the Russians were really serious or good at these info-ops and they want to “create confusion,” they should simply take a couple training courses from the Democrat National Committee who specialize in chaos without even trying!
  2. Russia pushed this advertisement out on May 19, 2016 – “Vote Republican, vote Trump, and support the Second Amendment!”   Seriously folks, this slogan is submitted as evidence that Russia is trying to get Trump elected. But wait, there’s more…
  3. Then this ad was put out on social media on July 20 2016, by those evil Ruskies – “Ohio wants Hillary 4 prison.” My only comment, I knew there was a reason why I liked Ohio!
  4. On October 14, as Election Day closed in, the highly trained commie operatives pulled out all the information operation stops and put this convoluted “advertisement” as detailed in the Indictment – “Among all the candidates Donald Trump is the only one who can defend the police from terrorists.” Now, I’ve penned a few ads in my day and that’s not one I would ever attach my name.
  5. And then there is this syntactical beauty, submitted as evidence of Russian interference in the Presidential election, on October 19, 2016 – “Hillary is a Satan, and her crimes and lies had proved just how evil she is.”Obviously, Shakespeare was not consulted by the Russians and neither was Satan because he would never allow an indefinite article to precede his name!


Unless this RUSSIA INDICTMENT is some sort of rope-a-dope ploy, this investigation has sunk to a new low and on its way to the dustbin of special nothing burgers. The indictment makes reference to some of the numbers reached by this 15 million dollar campaign and all I can say is that Vladimir Putin got ripped off by a bunch of 20-something computer nerds. My team reaches more people than these clowns and we did it on 180K, for the year!

The “indictments” are comical and for show, to justify the time and expense. The material core of the case collapses on its own sword when the authors conclude that the Russian information operation involved no Americans who “colluded” but even more comical is that this operation had NO INFLUENCE on any of the elections, including the Presidential!  Wow, I guess those great ads just didn’t accomplish the influence part of the operation!

Seriously, does anyone not believe that the Russians and the Chinese and the North Koreans and a whole host of other countries constantly try to screw with all aspects of our country, including elections? The Russians probably started their info-ops around 1917 when they started getting a bit frisky at home! Now close your eyes if you don’t want to know a dirty national secret but we Americans have poked our noses into a few foreign elections through the years. Anyone remember when the Obama State Department sent $350,000 to an organization in Israel to help defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu?


Take time to actually read this Indictment document and stay tuned as we provide further insight into the Democrat’s new presentation of “The Russians are Coming!” Which is best viewed with a nice Stolichnaya on the rocks!

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