Islamism World Map


Source:  Islamism World Map, February 2018

Islamist organisations: Their global network and presence

Based on articles in internationally renowned newspaper articles as well as institutional and academic research, the emphasis of the map is on entities affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Milli Görüs or AKP.

These organisations often pretend to be independent NGOs and have in the past been highly successful at infiltrating the political environment of their host countries, and often benefit from public funding they then use to work against these host countries.

We believe it is important to show their true affiliation and connections and to do so based on legitimate, serious sources.

After all, political Islam is the foundation and seed of not only jihadism, but also of less obvious negative societal consequences such as radicalisation, opposition to societal integration of moderate Muslims in their host countries, as well as many other problematic outcomes.

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