Michigan Muslim Candidate for Governor has the chutzpa to declare he plans to make Michigan a Sanctuary State!


Source: Israel Commentary, by Jerome S Kaufman, February 20, 2018

(And, many totally uninformed people drenched in their blind brain washed “Liberalism” will vote for him. It is really hard to comprehend.) 

(Please get out the vote in November against this lethal menace to our Judean/Christian ethic and Western democracy) jsk

From: Abdul’s El-Sayed’s advertising literature and social media:

“Be Like Muhammad”   (Huh!)

Michigan Civilization Jihad: Abdul’s Webinar Reaches Michigan Homes Tonight While “Be Like Muhammad” Weekend Retreat

(Linda Sarsour, (world champion anti-Semite and US hater) is to join Abdul El-Sayed in a Webinar that reaches out to homes anywhere in Michigan and beyond.

She is an outspoken opponent of Israel and Zionism.

Sarsour, who is of Palestinian descent, has also been a harsh critic of Israel. Sarsour backs the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel, known as BDS. She told NY that she supports a one-state solution that would create a shared country for Jews and Palestinians — a solution that many Jews consider a formula for the demise of Israel. And in 2012, she tweeted “Nothing is creepier than Zionism.”) jsk

8th Annual “Be Like Muhammad” (Huh!) 
Three-Day Retreat for Youth