Georgia Law Enforcement Training Under Attack!


A call to rally against CAIR GA for it’s attacks, it’s lies, and it’s threats of lawfare!  We are asking for everyone to stand with Barrow County Sheriff’s office for NOT letting CAIR shut down a class given on March 8th, titled:  ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Islamism.  How they challenge local law enforcement.

CAIR GA & the local media have state the name of the course incorrectly and tried to demand it’s rights over truth and learning.   The sheriff didn’t cave and we are waiting to see if the Georgia POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) Council will stand strong against these personal attacks, too!

Here is a call to rally support:

Dear Conscious Conservative Patriots in GA,

A good friend, David Bores, is taking a stand to ensure law enforcement leaders and officers have the training needed to understand Sharia crimes in the community, how to recognize it, and steps needed to address it.

Because of this training, David is being verbally attacked and the Sheriffs/Police Chiefs engaging the training are being threatened by CAIR GA.  They are also trying to remove the accreditation that officers receive when they attend.  It is critical that officers understand Sharia and what happens to families and communities living under it.  It is also critical to keep the accreditation.

David’s resume is what gives him the skills and requirements to teach the course.  He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, with 23 yrs in the Army’s Military Police Corps, with two Master’s of Science degrees, one in Criminal Justice from Jacksonville State University and the other in Public Administration from Georgia College and State University.  He’s been an Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice at Kennesaw State University, Reinhardt University, and Georgia State University.  His last position was as Chief of Police, in Woodstock, GA (January, 2009 to December, 2011).

You need to understand who CAIR is as well.  Here’s a very brief description of CAIR, as defined by a U.S. lawsuit from 2008/2009 that was the largest terror funding trial in U.S. history, the prosecution of the Holyland Foundation of Dallas, TX. That trial determined there was enough evidence that CAIR & other Islamic organizations have serious ties/associations with Hamas.  And, Hamas was designated by the DOJ to be a FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) in 1997.  CAIR is currently listed with all of those Islamic organizations as the Unindicted Co-Conspirators in that trial.

I would like to ask everyone to do any or all of the following:

  1. Contact Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith and tell him he did the right thing to stand against CAIR.  Let him know you support David Bores.  Sheriff Smith’s Contact is:  770-307-3080, Email:
  2. Post a message on the Barrow County Sheriff’s Facebook page, telling them THANK YOU for standing against the onslaught of media & CAIR.  Show him your support.  FB Page is here:
  3. Post a message on your own FB page congratulating Sheriff Jud Smith for a job well done against CAIR & the liberal media for the 8hr class David Bores was able to deliver to his officers.
  4. Tweet it as well to @seanhannity, @SaraCarterDC, @IngrahamAngle, @JesseBWatters, @GregGutfeldShow, @foxandfriends, @SaraCarterDC
  5. We want the truth out there. So please contact Mary Wierbicki at: if:
    1. You know a local Conservative Talk show host that would interview David related to this.
    2. You know a Conservative Blogger that would write this up for a website or page.

Greatly appreciate your help!