Disturbing indoctrination and promotion of a 9 year old bride


This video is so very disturbing that this family encouraged the wedding of their 9 year old daughter with leukemia.  This is simply another step by the media (CNN, CBS, and others) normalizing and promoting child abuse.

How does a 9 year old even think about marriage?  A 9 year old can’t rationalize what a marriage is all about or even understand the love between a husband and wife.  In this video she states, “… he’s cute and I love him”.  This is purely indoctrination by the parents.  To this little girl, it was simply a party with pretty dresses, flowers, family and friends.

Here’s the truth!  Islam, across the world has defended the marriage of Aisha at 6 years old  to a 50 year old man and consummated when she was 9.  This must have been the indoctrination that this little girl received.  Sad and disturbing that the parents encouraged this instead of just giving her a party to celebrate her life, recognizing the love between her and her family, and letting her know how valued she is in the family.  CNN and other media outlets praised this action.  All it does is move the dial one notch closer to allowing child brides which Islam allows and promotes.  This is another step in civilization jihad!  Islamic child abuse!

Stop using the children to promote Islamic ideology!