TrentoVision Archives – David Yerushalmi busts criminal CAIR!


Reporting:  9.23.13 , from The United West archives.  What we can do when donations enable us to be a greater media message.  Please donate!

Do not miss this powerful expose’ of the Council on America Islamic Relations (CAIR) by world-class litigator, David Yerushalmi, as he reveals the criminal activity of CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood front group for HAMAS, a designated terrorist organization. Through years of direct interrogation and deposition of CAIR officials,including the Founder/Director, Nihad Awad, Yerushalmi reveals a very sophisticated money-laundering syndicate and presents evidence of foreign governments channeling millions of dollars to CAIR, all for the advancement of Islamic shariah and the destruction of the United States Constitution. Most likely this interview will lead to an investigation of CAIR by the FBI with resultant convictions on a variety of federal offenses.