Hitting the Wall: The Need to Re-frame and Re-word the Issues


Source: Unconstrained Analytics, by Stephen Coughlin, January 2018

UA’s Stephen Coughlin recently gave a new presentation at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention in January 2018:

In order to get people out of the Matrix, they first have to realize they’re in the matrix.

A long time ago, we got these “Red Pill” briefs down, and we got them down right, and then we got them simplified so we could scale it to people so it was understandable.

We got how the Muslim Brotherhood works. We got al Qaida works. We got how the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation – formerly Organization of the Islamic Conference) works.

But we’re hitting a wall.

It becomes really important when we look at this issue to realize that:

We’re not being stopped because we fail for the message we put out — we are being stopped.

There’s enormous effort to do that.

We use the word Red-Green Alliance and the only reason I step back from that is because I think sometimes we calibrate that at a level at which this issues is not really operating on.

Even the term fake news makes us laugh at what’s happened, like it’s a game. We phrase things when we attack them, even at the level at which we don’t understand that if we were looking at a foreign country we would call this agitprop: agitation and propaganda.

We have 91 percent of a nation’s media viciously going after a sitting President. We know its not just the media.

We keep talking about the criminality of events. I heard someone talk about the FISA warrants, when in fact I had to say, but if what you’re talking about in technical, bureaucratic language is true, why isn’t the real word here on Capitol Hill “sedition“?

What I would like to argue when we talk about red pill is really a plea that:

When you know what you’re doing is right on one level but you’re sinking, we need to step back and reframe.

We need to understand that even the things we are doing that are right, we’re still doing not understanding that we’re still in the blue world and we have to take the red pill to understand that the way we’re talking about when we fight back even isn’t working.

We have to go through the “cultural drug withdraw” to see things.

The main thing I’m going to talk about today is political warfare and I’m going to do it in the context of the Muslim brother and other organizations because that’s what I was asked to speak about.

But I’m really working very hard on showing how the reason we’re being defeated isn’t because the Muslim brotherhood is so good, but because there is an actual—to which I mean, very real—alliance between groups like the Brotherhood and groups like far left. I think we need to stop using words like “liberal” if we are really looking at something which more accurately reflects cultural Marxism.

We need to start understanding that the language we’ve been boxed in does not give us the ability to go where we want to go. . . . . .(Watch the video for more)