Secret Court Documents: Kids Radicalized By Age 2


Source: Clarion Project, BY DAVID HARRIS Wednesday, March 28, 2018

ISIS children (Video screenshot)Secret court documents obtained by The Sunday Times in the UK paint an alarming picture of the susceptibility of children to radicalization and the effects on children from living in war zones.

The documents concern at least 20 Muslim children – kids in the UK as well as those returning from Syria and Iraq – who have been taken away from their parents at some point by authorities.

Cases include:

  • A  brainwashed boy, 5, who shouts “shame” at women who are not wearing burqas
  • A girl, 5, filmed joining in a pro-Osama bin Laden chant with her parents (the PIN on her mother’s phone was 0911)
  • A boy, 2, taken by his mother to Syria to live in ISIS’ de facto capital Raqqa. Pictures were taken of him holding an AK-47 assault rifle and dressed as a terrorist. Upon his return, he was found to be developmentally delayed and obsessed with guns and “shooting people.”
  • A teenage girl removed from a plane flying to Syria. She had watched a “colossal volume” of ISIS propaganda videos. Authorities said she had become “immune to brutality and death.”

Other equally disturbing cases were those of parents who were allowed to keep their children despite being suspected of radicalizing them and/or sending their older children to Syria and Iraq to fight with ISIS