Muslim Brotherhood in Michigan


Source: American Decency, April 7, 2018

Anyone who has been attentive to our past events with Curtis Bowers and Trevor Loudon, or their corresponding documentaries Agenda I and II and Enemies Within, is well aware of the Muslim Brotherhood and communist infiltration into our government and the agenda that they and the Leftists are pushing together. This not only takes place on the federal level, but on the state level as well. It’s vitally important to be informed, to know what your elected officials can and should do about these things, and to know what you can do as a citizen.

Although this is not an American Decency Association sponsored event, we want to make you aware of certain events which will be beneficial to you as individuals and for the state of Michigan as well. This is one such event.

When:April 9, 2018 from 7 PM to 9 PM

Where: Holland Doubletree (650 E 24th St, Holland, MI)

Cost: FREE

What:  Watchman on the wall and truth-teller Phil Haney, author of “See Something Say Nothing” and former homeland security agent, will be joining with gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck, to discuss Muslim Brotherhood operations in Michigan and what a governor can do about it.