70 years of Israeli milestones that will completely inspire you


Source:  Israel Unwired, By  Avi Abelow,  

It is hard to fathom that modern Israel is only seventy years old! We are one of the most ancient peoples with one of the youngest states in the world. Seeing the Israeli milestones during this short seventy year period is nothing less than miraculous.

We Are Back

In 1948 the modern state of Israel was established. Israel is the third Jewish commonwealth, the third time that the Jewish people have sovereignty in our homeland. The first time was the with the establishment of the Jewish Kingdom under King David, through the First Temple period. The second time was during the Second Temple period.

The Miracles

It is amazing to think about the amount of miracles that have brought us to this point.  It begins in 1920 with the Leauge of Nations, the world organization that was then replaced by the United Nations.

The League of Nations held a meeting to determine the boundaries for all the land the Allies captured from the defeated Turks. The League of Nations decided that the Mandate of Palestine would be given over to the British in order to establish a Jewish national homeland for the Jewish people on their ancestral land.

Constant Conflict with Arab/Muslim World

Until this day, the Arab/Muslim world has used military aggression and terror to try to destroy us, yet we manage to survive and win, time after time.

While some people today see Israel as the aggressor in the region and call us “Goliath”, they are very wrong. Israel defends her right to exist every day.  This is the reality since the day she was founded. Israel is the “David.”  The Arab/Muslim world is the “Goliath.”  They just use one small part of their people to do most of the fighting against us today. They are termed “palestinians.”  But our conflict was never with “palestinians,” it was with the greater Arab/Muslim world. Hence, Iran fights us from Lebanon and Gaza. Syria has always been a threat of violence. Iraq under Saddam Hussein shot rockets at us in the first Iraq war. And more.

Israel is a miracle and a living testament to G-d’s existence.