Farrah: Ex-Muslim Woman Brave Enough to Stand Against Sharia-Sanctioned Honor Killings in America


Farrah Prudence: Brave enough to tell the stories of dead American women. Undeterred by the verbal abuse of Antifa and their Muslim Brotherhood allies in Dearborn, Michigan

Ex-Muslim Farrah Prudence has a Sharia-sanctioned death sentence on her head for converting to Christianity. Her father, after years of Sharia-sanctioned physical abuse, convinced an Imam to issue the fatwa to have Farrah killed because she rejected Islam.

Honor killing of young women and children is very personal to Farrah. She knows that she could have been one of the victims herself.

She knows that there are thousands of women in America who do live under Sharia as the property of men who withhold the freedom and equality that America promises.

Farrah is brave enough to speak out despite the non-stop verbal abuse of the Antifa mob 50 feet away restrained only by the police presence and her personal bodyguards.