Islamic Jihad attacks Israel

Reported from Israel, Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Dear friends and prayer partners, 
I know I have been quiet for several weeks, but it’s a very hard time for me with my mom leaving Israel and I’m still sitting in a wheelchair with this massive foot injury not able to do anything myself.

Israel is under full blown attack from bloody terrorists inside the Gaza Strip!
I woke up just before 7 am with the red alert going off on my phone and that has been the case all day, and just now it went off again, rockets are still coming.
Islamic Jihad fired 28 mortars from Gaza at southern Israeli towns this morning, including one which landed next to a kindergarten (no children were present).
Can you even begin to imagine the horror and tragedy had this happened only one hour later when this is place was packed with children. Simply horrific, shrapnels was found all over the place and hitting the buildings.
I’m attaching two photos!
More mortars were fired over the course of the day; some of the rockets were made in Iran, this is the biggest attack on a Israel since the war in 2014!
People have been running to bomb shelters all day, they only have 15 seconds from the alarm went of to impact.
Imagine the trauma children living in those areas have.
The IDF retaliated with air strikes on dozens of Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets including a terror tunnel  which reached 900 meters into Israeli territory, and several training facilities for these terrorists!
Five Israelis were reported injured and 3 soldiers also, two of them released from the hospital this evening.
This is a full frontal attack on Israel and the civilians in this country, no other nation would put up with being attacked like this, why should Israel.
I made a live video on my Facebook page today speaking about all of this, and the complete lack of coverage from mainstream media, but when it comes to the Palestinians in Gaza they are accusing Israel of massacre.
 I’m attaching my video here where Im sharing the truth of the hypocrisy of main stream media and the EU and UN.
Live update from Jerusalem Jane on my Facebook page about the attack on Israel today. 50 rockets fired at Israel and one hitting a kindergarten! Please watch…


Please watch and share, code red alerts keeps coming in and I’m sure the IDF is not finishing in the Gaza Strip.
35 targets hit so fare, I hope it’s only the beginning.
It’s time to finish this, it’s no way to live for the Jewish people not being safe in their own country.
Benjamin Netanyahu is hosting a security meeting now for all the chiefs in the IDF and the Defense Minister.

On a personal level.
I’ll share a news update for Shabbat on Friday regarding my broken foot and what needs to happen for me in order to be fit for fight and continue my important work in Israel.
I will need a lot of professional help and treatment, and yes the speaking tour in Denmark is postponed..
Please continue to keep me and Israel in your prayers. I desperately need in order for my body to get back into full gear from these injuries, and Israel needs your prayers right now more than ever.
God bless you all, I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Please forgive me for bad grammar and typos…
Jane Kiel
Jerusalem Jane
Paypal upper right corner, thank you all so much for helping me to be a voice in the media for Israel. I’m getting messages every day from Jews that is so thankful for my voice standing with them, but I cant do it with out your help.
I need it now, very much.