Civilization Jihad in the USA: The Practicum

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. — The “Explanatory Memorandum” (1991) of the Muslim Brotherhood


Source: Gates of Vienna, May 18, 2018

Twenty-seven years ago this month, the Muslim Brotherhood (el-Ikhwan el-Muslimeen) in America published its notorious “Explanatory Memorandum” laying out its long-term plans for converting the United States to Islam and annexing our country to the global Ummah. The document was used in evidence at the Holy Land Foundation trial that convicted a number of Ikhwan operatives in 2008 and sent them to federal prison.

The video below contains the second American installment in a series of documentaries on the Muslim Brotherhood by Zvi Yehezkeli, an Israeli journalist and filmmaker who is fluent in Arabic. During his undercover operations, Mr. Yehezkeli posed as a Palestinian journalist, and was able to visit with Muslims and talk to them about their plans for the United States.

As you will see in the video, the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan has not been thwarted. It has not been stopped. It hasn’t even been slowed down. Muslims who intend to make America Islamic are patient. They are willing to do their sabotage over a period of decades and let the process unfold until the United States joins the global Caliphate in twenty or fifty or a hundred years.

Mr. Yehezkeli’s work is every bit as important as the Explanatory Memorandum, but it can’t have a similar effect unless our public officials are made aware of its significance. This will only happen if you, the American voter, buttonhole them and make them pay attention to it.

I recommend downloading the video file, and/or passing the URL around. Insist that your congressman look at it. He wants to get re-elected — if you make enough noise, he will have to listen.

This report is of enormous significance, but it will only have an effect if it PROPAGATES. That relies on you, the ordinary viewer. Please do your part and spread it!

Many thanks to RL for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04 Islam will return to rule over Europe and the West!
00:09 Does the conquest need to be done by the sword? No, not necessarily!
00:14 There is something called a “Quiet Conquest.”
00:17 This strong message broadcasted by Yusuf Al Qaradawi,
00:21 The most influential cleric in the Muslim world, is heard openly all over the world.
00:26 Quietly, in the West, under the surface, through soft Jihad,
00:29 the International Islamic Caliphate is expanding…
00:32 Its objective is to impose Sharia Law on the entire world.
00:36 The dream of Islamic Caliphate concentrates its attention on the US,
00:40 the strongest superpower — symbol of the West’s power.
00:43 In 50 years this country will be an Islamic State!
00:46 Did we reach such a low level of insight, waiting for disaster to emerge?
00:53 The big dream of Islam in the US has a face.
00:56 These are people in all kinds of occupations, extending to many countries,
01:01 while advancing each day towards their dream.
01:04 African people in America, we need something like the Muslims have.
01:10 Our politics should also be affected by our faith.
01:16 The American people do not always understand how they operate…
01:19 It’s all Halal? —Of course! My name is Mohammed. Do you think I will sell prohibited food?
01:24 They will come and they will get physical with you.
01:27 So it’s something organized — it’s like a monopoly, like the Mafia.
01:31 Yes, it’s true — the Halal Mafia.
01:34 Some of them are intermingled within the political and social institutions.
01:38 Don’t say “for the shahid (martyr) family”, say “we collect money for Palestine.”
01:41 A picture of a shahid who belongs to this or that organization is not desirable.
01:46 Islam entered America, using its freedom through its American style.
01:51 There might be some Muslims listening to this.
01:54 You have to be smart, you have to come together,
01:57 and you have to win in a smart way — Insh’allah (with Allah’s will)
02:05 Documentary series by Zvi Yehezkeli, Ohad Gal-Oz
02:10 Film director: Ohad Gal-Oz
02:13 Production: Roni Manor and Sagit Shalom
02:16 Photographer: Shai Pony Editors: Eyal Ron, Makikes (Ronen) Amar and Tal Cohen
02:21 False Identity — Zvi Yehezkeli — Jihad — The Day of Judgment
02:30 New York — The world’s center; economy, commerce, immense finances,
02:34 and the Twin Towers which do not exist any longer, on the horizon I was familiar with.
02:37 But not only that changed. In the main avenues, I notice almost on every corner,
02:42 the familiar food stands, which ten years ago sold hotdogs with ketchup.
02:47 Now however, barbeque smoke rises from the Halal meat.
02:50 Most food stands with new tastes are operated by Muslim immigrants through booming chains,
02:55 with a message that expands beyond food into religion.
03:01 Welcome, brother — welcome.
03:04 Tell me, is it all Halal? —Salaamu Aleikum — Halal.
03:07 Is it all Halal? —Welcome — Aleikum Salaam. — According to my reply you should know the answer…
03:12 Once I reply “Salaam Aleikum” you must understand that everything here is Halal.
03:16 Bless you Mohammed, how are you? —Praise Allah! —It’s all Halal? —Of course!
03:20 You have license? I don’t know, as it’s the first time I see…
03:23 My name is Mohammed. Do you think I will sell prohibited food?
03:27 Allah sees everything…
03:30 The numerous tourists who visit here — especially the city residents — do not
03:34 sense the deep control of the “Halal guys,” as they are called here in the fast-food industry.
03:39 In NY streets, their control over the food stands became essentially a monopoly.
03:44 How is work? Praise Allah!
03:47 Why is everything here Halal? After all, there aren’t many Muslims here.
03:51 Everyone eats this food, Muslims and non-Muslims.
03:55 Is it Halal here? —Yes. —Tell me, why is there only Halal here? —Halal, because we are Muslims!
04:03 Yes, but you also sell to non-Muslims?!
04:06 I am an Egyptian Muslim, I work only with Halal.
04:09 There is Halal and there is prohibited food. Please, yes, whatever he says…
04:16 The Halal food carts mark their territory;
04:19 They confirm the flag of Islam as they capture this city’s space.
04:23 Take for example Shaun, a New Yorker who wished to start his own food cart,
04:28 but was forced to give up his dream, as for the mounting pressure through the Mafia-style method.
04:33 Though this time, it was operated through Islamic Da’wah.
04:37 I purchased a cart; I thought it will be a nice idea, something fun as well.
04:41 The next morning, I was ‘welcomed’ with
04:46 eight or nine different hotdog carts blocking off the entire sidewalk;
04:51 preventing me from placing my cart back, down the same place as in the other day.
04:56 I asked what was going on? No one was listening,
04:59 no one was moving; they were not going to help out at all.
05:02 I put the cart back on the truck. I wasn’t looking to get into any fights.
05:06 We started driving around the corner. By the time we got there,
05:09 they moved all the hotdog carts from that side to the other side of the block.
05:14 One of the food carts’ owners stood in front of my car,
05:17 picked up his phone, called up 911,
05:20 and reported an accident; that I just hit him with my car.
05:23 Nice way to kick you off… definitely a nice way to get rid of me.
05:27 Then, of course, they would come and get physical with you.
05:33 It’s like something organized, like a monopoly, like a Mafia…
05:36 Yes, it’s true; it’s almost like a brotherhood of carts.
05:39 Brotherhood of carts. You know what I would say…
05:42 The Muslim Brotherhood of carts. The Halal Mafia!
05:45 We are the Halal boys, we don’t play those games.
05:48 I know something that will change your world,
05:52 Salaamu Aleikum, what are you selling? —Chicken in rice,
05:57 You do the chicken here? —Yes, everything, Wallah. —Tell me it’s Halal?
06:02 Everything is Halal.
06:05 “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.”
06:09 Why is it written here? Why did it become Muslims carts all over?
06:15 Because we believe Allah is god and Mohammed is our prophet.
06:21 We try to explain our tradition to all Christians who come here.
06:27 Maybe they will become Muslims, and this is why I put that sign over there.
06:33 Tell me, once a Christian came, and asked what is it, you explained and he liked the idea?
06:37 I told him that if he becomes a Muslim, he will end up in heaven. Heaven!
06:42 I have a sticker… WOW… it’s a good present!
06:47 You see? What does it mean?
06:50 This phrase is the logo of Islam. The motto:
06:55 “There is no god except Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.”
07:01 Which means it’s not only food, it’s Da’wah.
07:04 The main thing is Da’wah, not food.
07:07 But it’s not only Da’wah. In a phone conversation with a person who was involved
07:10 in investigating the Halal chain in Brooklyn,
07:13 it turns out that some of the Halal carts’ ransom money
07:16 finds its way to terror organizations.
Conversation with a former detective at Manhattan District Attorney
07:19 The district attorney’s office together with the NYPD
07:23 launched an investigation of the owners of the Halal carts’ companies.
07:28 Evidence of the flow of funds earned in New York City
07:33 and sent back to several countries known to host terrorist organizations.
07:38 Lebanon for Hezbollah, Yemen for al-Qaida, and Egypt for the Muslim Brotherhood.
07:44 Halal is basically the first mechanism advanced by the Muslim Brotherhood.
Dr. Dina Lisnyansky — scholar on the MuslimBrotherhood in Europe
07:48 It means that whoever controls the Halal monopoly
07:51 controls much more than that. By now it’s a symbol.
07:55 It means we also speak of a monopoly on trade as a whole.
08:02 Halal is the symbol of the day. It’s less for tourists, and more for posture. —It’s Da’wah!
08:08 Now, it doesn’t matter if it’s a hotdog or Halal;
08:12 what matters is the symbolic signal behind what you purchase.
08:16 They sell it under “Allah is one.” Just like the guy with the sticker,
08:20 Every activity and action; if they sell halal to a Christian,
08:24 they insinuate by telling him: “This is Islam! Be aware.”
08:31 In New York we are greeted by a surprise that even in Europe we haven’t experienced.
08:35 While we were filming, it was announced that the head of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood,
08:39 the top authority of the organization, died in an Egyptian prison.
08:43 All over the world, efforts were made to organize memorial services for Mahdi Akef.
08:47 In Egypt, Saudi Arabia, France, and Germany the Muslim Brotherhood
08:50 were hesitant, and received warnings, not to proceed with memorial services
08:53 for a person considered the ‘terror engine’ of the Middle East.
08:57 Yet in New York, of all places, a large memorial service took place.
Imam Mohammed Elbar — Musaben Omar mosque — Brooklyn
09:05 Allah settled him among the shahids (martyrs).
09:09 Allah settled him among the shahids (martyrs).
09:12 Allah settled him in paradise and seated him in heaven’s honorable seat.
09:18 In this country we are confronted by a Crusader / Zionist attack,
Dr. Fehmi Khairullah — Syrian-American activist
09:21 which occur in the US, Europe, and other places.
09:27 In this country we are confronted by a Crusader / Zionist attack.
09:32 This nation is under a big Crusaders’ attack.
09:39 The presence of the Muslim Brotherhood here in Manhattan, in Brooklyn, is strong and thriving.
09:43 Here is an example. We came across an active Facebook page of a Muslim Brotherhood member.
09:49 He is an Egyptian, an open Morsi supporter,
09:52 who calls the Israelis, Jordanians, and the UAE “Zionists.”
09:56 Facebook is highly active here in Brooklyn for the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood).
10:01 Here they organized demonstrations when [Egyptian President Abdel Fattah] el-Sisi visited the White House.
10:04 He took a photo with the hijacker of “Egypt Air,”
10:07 as payback against the Egyptian airline company — The regime’s icon.
10:11 His Facebook page features numerous favorite comments by many radicals.
10:16 We noticed from his Facebook that he has a printing business.
10:19 We are trying to go and ask him to print a flyer for us,
10:23 to solicit donations for a shahid (martyr), something legal under US law.
10:31 Salaamu Aleikum (Hello)
10:34 Salaamu Aleikum. —We came from Palestine to collect donations for a shahid’s brother-in-law.
10:42 We want to print… what’s the name… notebook? —A flyer.
10:45 Yes, flyer, and then bulletin…
10:48 But the flyer is more important — 1000 copies.
10:51 We want to combine an Al-Aqsa picture with the shahid’s photo.
10:54 Will it not cause a problem with the police or something? —No!
10:58 because where we are… you know… Here it is not a problem!
Mohammed Mahmud — owner of Print Business — Brooklyn
11:03 This is half of a page, and this is what full page looks like.
11:08 1,000 flyers like this will cost you $100 dollar! $100 dollar — fine!
11:13 I want to donate $50.00 for the shahid. —No, why? —What happens to you? Do you know what?
11:19 Come with me, and we will hand out the flyers in the mosque.
11:22 It’s sort of a donation. Will you help me? Thank you.
11:26 In addition to making the flyer, Mohammed has clear instructions:
11:29 How to organize a fundraising event for the shahid under the American radar…
11:32 You reserve a hall, you hand out flyers with a statement such as;
11:36 “We solicit…don’t say “to the shahid family.”
11:39 Say: “We solicit for the poor in Palestine or Al-Aqsa,”
11:43 or “to the poor,” so and so…but to describe and post a picture…
11:46 A picture of a shahid. —Yes, a picture of a shahid. If they see he belongs to this or that
11:50 organization, it’s not desirable. —Flyer, yes. You will come in, hand the flyers and say; “donate.”
11:55 They come to the mosque, for example,
11:58 but something like “Rabaa” (square in Egypt) for example is… —No,
12:01 we printed it during the… demonstrations.
12:04 When the massacre in Rabaa Square occurred, we printed signs
12:07 for the demonstrations against the killing of innocents,
12:10 but we did not solicit donations. —Ah, there is a difference between donations and flyers…
12:15 and it was done under the patronage of American Egyptian organizations.
12:22 For example; an organization called “Egyptians American for Democracy.”
12:25 And it’s allowed to do Da’wah and distribute flyers? —Yes, allowed.
12:29 You mean to preach Islam? —Yes, allowed. No problem doing Da’wah.
12:34 Stay away from politics, from soliciting money, and do Da’wah.
12:37 You can stand in the street, hand out flyers, and preach Islam.
12:40 Thank you. It was nice to meet, bless you! Haled — correct?
12:44 Yes, I prefer Haled Abu Hamza. —OK. Fine! —Bless you. Be in peace.
12:59 On almost every continent one can find the trivial activists who are dreaming the big dream.
13:04 During our journey in Washington DC, around the White House and Capitol Hill,
13:09 I notice this sign in many corners of the area; “YouTube English Quran”
13:14 What is it? Maybe it’s also Da’wah? I want to check it out.
13:17 Salaamu aleikum, brother, Salaamu aleikum.
13:20 We saw your signs all over,
13:23 We are a TV crew coming from Palestine, from the Middle East,
13:28 to do a story about Da’wah and the Islamic community.
13:32 We really want to hear what you say, and talk about your project.
13:36 OK. Allah willing — Great! Blessings! You too!
13:48 Chantilly, Virginia.
13:53 Some people, they want to fight or something like that,
13:57 It’s not working. The Muslims are dying. It’s not working.
14:00 So we have to do something else. We have to do Da’wah. Explain to me, what is Da’wah?
14:06 Da’wah is inviting the people to Islam — come to Islam,
14:10 that god is one — not three — stuff like that…
14:13 But you live in America. Most people are not Muslims.
PashwazVaeez — Islamist activist — Chantilly — Virginia
14:17 They say god is three; Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are Kafir. Yeah!
14:23 Pashwaz knows the Kafirs from nearby — essentially from home.
14:27 My father found metal stuff,
14:30 and he threw them away. Why did he throw it away?
14:33 He doesn’t like Islam. He hates Islam.
14:36 How did you become more religious?
14:39 Quran. I started reading the Quran. My mom had Quran at my home.
14:43 My mom prays. My mom is a Muslim; my father is not a Muslim.
14:48 As a true Da’wah Muslim, Pashwaz doesn’t miss any opportunity to deliver the message.
14:52 There might be some Muslims listening to this. They are thinking that they want to do some damage.
14:57 To kill some people, to do Jihad, to do suicide bombing, or something…
15:02 Don’t do it. It’s bad. Do Da’wah.
15:06 We have to teach the whole world. So you have to be smart, you have to unite.
15:09 You have to do Da’wah to everybody, and you need to win in a smart way, Allah willing.
15:14 Thank you, and be blessed!
15:18 Da’wah activities like that of Pashwaz can be found everywhere in the US,
15:21 People whose intense faith makes them act to achieve the goal.
15:28 A big portion of this activity is directed at the American black community,
15:32 an economically and socially underprivileged community, searching for roots.
15:35 It has an immense potential for conversions and Da’wah.
15:38 Now that Ramadan is over, you can tell Satan (the devil) something.
15:41 I can be like Mohammed Ali, I can fly like a butterfly, and I will sting you like a bee.
15:48 Sheikh Abdul-Malik Johari was born an Anglican Christian.
15:51 He converted to Islam in his twenties and now works at Dar al Hijra mosque in Virginia.
15:56 From there he preaches Islam among the American black community.
16:04 Sheikh Johari was born in Brooklyn. He began to discover Islam,
16:08 and for him it was the only way to apply social justice.
16:11 He found in Islam the proper roots for his African American identity.
16:19 Praise Allah, it’s good to have you. —Thank you.
16:25 Tell me about your special journey. You were born as a Christian Catholic?
16:31 I was born in Brooklyn. We have a black American holiday called Kwanzaa,
16:37 and one of the leaders said something that blew my mind.
16:43 He says: African people in America
16:49 need something that is a codified code of conduct.
16:57 We need something like what the Muslims have.
17:00 How to dress, how to treat your family, how to, how to…
17:04 There are so many thousands of these (laws); it will be difficult for us to create all of them.
17:11 So I said to myself, you know what?
17:14 There is a simple solution… Join them!
17:19 It’s something that — it’s like water.
17:22 It’s universal; if we could lay it out, everybody… it’s like a water spring…
17:29 One can be afraid from such a message. You said that everybody is born a Muslim. —Yes.
17:33 So everybody is supposed to be a Muslim. And if you say that in the US, they will take you to jail.
17:38 Because you say that one day America will be a Muslim country… We will be free!
17:42 If we can become free of tyranny,
17:47 our politics should also be affected by our faith. That’s it!
17:54 The ultimate solution for a black American is to be a Muslim?
18:00 Black people were cursed. The curse of Ham (Noah’s son) — they have to serve white people,
18:06 until they get to heaven. You don’t find that in the Quran, do you?
18:11 That’s why I like that book.
18:14 And if this works for black Americans, it will work for everybody.
18:17 And if it solves that problem, it will solve all the problems in the world.
18:21 It’s happening slowly, and there are millions of people.
18:27 In the United States? In the United States!
18:32 He, too, has a dream. In his previous recorded sermons, he, too
18:36 sees Islam’s conquest of the US as the chief objective.
18:40 Before Allah closes our eyes the last time,
18:43 We will see Islam moving from the second largest religion in America —
18:47 which is the situation now — to the largest religion in America.
18:53 Good to see you.
19:10 Bell Glade is a small and remote town in Florida’s
19:13 agricultural region called “US center of sugar cane.”
19:16 Yusuf Al-Muslet lives among the black community here,
19:20 An Islamic activist with star appeal. He was born near Ramallah, and arrived here at the age of 12.
19:25 He owns a few businesses in the city center.
19:28 But his main objective is the Da’wah mission he started here.
19:32 Muslet supports the poor, hands out food packages,
19:35 is active among the town’s inmates, and also runs for the town’s mayor.
19:39 An entire system under Muslim Brotherhood method.
19:43 Salaamu Aleikum. We are two minutes from you, just entered Belle Glade.
19:52 Good, good, no problem, no problem.
19:56 We are near your store: “Addiction.”
19:59 OK. Fine.
20:02 Get out fast, he’s arriving…
20:05 Salaam and blessings,
20:08 Sheikh, hello, peace! How are you? Allah blessing! Please come in. —Beautiful store.
20:13 Until twenty years ago, Muslet was a secular Muslim;
20:16 he drank alcohol and lived the American good life.
20:19 But in 1999 he decided to leave everything, and became a devout Muslim with a big dream.
20:24 There is always a war — correct — between good and evil.
20:29 This is Jihad — A daily war. This is Jihad, this is Jihad.
20:32 When they say Jihad, Jihad of the soul, when devil converts to Islam…
20:35 You mean the inner Jihad? Yes, inner Jihad. This is the first Jihad.
20:40 When we succeed with inner Jihad, we stage the real Jihad.
20:45 This is the classic Ikhwani (MB) scheme. The Greater Jihad is waiting for later time…
20:49 but first achieve the inner Jihad, and this is done through Da’wah.
20:54 Now we can use the English language for Da’wah.
20:57 What do you mean by Da’wah? I mean preaching for the good of Islam;
21:00 showing the world that there is nothing else but Islam.
21:05 Meaning that there is NO other religion accepted by Allah but Islam.
21:10 This means that everyone needs to be a Muslim. — Muslim!
21:14 Every person in the US? Islam!
21:17 True. True. It means true. You are not playing games…
21:20 Correct my dear, because I… if they want to imprison me, please!
21:24 Do whatever you want, I am not afraid of you.
21:28 You are liars and we are correct.
21:32 You talk like that to the Americans? Liars? —Really! Liars. False prophets!
21:36 I even tell them, and so they are upset at me: “You worship a false prophet.”
21:41 If someone from the street enters your store,
21:45 you talk to him like that? —I talk to him like that! Yes! —They are not upset?
21:48 Some of them start to think, I say: “think about it…”
21:52 Really? He will say; “I witness that there is no god but Allah
21:56 and Mohammed is Allah’s messenger, and I will
22:00 witness that I am Allah’s servant.” —Tell me, is it successful? Are you able to convert people
22:03 to Islam? This guy who works for me converted. He recited the Shahada (Muslim profession of faith)…
22:08 You converted? —Yes. Hello. —Hayuz works for me. —Hi.
22:16 This guy came from Palestine. Oh yes? Yes.
22:19 Do you believe that there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger? Praise Allah.
22:23 Now they come to me, when he hears that “there is no god but Allah” it gets to his heart.
22:34 Here is the other side of Muslet, Wayne Rollings — known as Abu Bakar.
22:39 He is a strategic consultant for big corporations in the US.
22:42 Among other things, he published a book whose title tells all about their dream.
22:47 “2064 — Islamic America”
22:50 The only thing that is going to get people straight is ISLAM.
22:56 Nothing else. People are looking for solutions to their problems. —Da’wah is the #1 weapon!
23:03 As a strategic consultant, Abu Bakar employs all professional tools in his possession,
23:07 and uses them for propagating Islam.
23:10 For the last twenty years, I have been doing strategic planning for governments,
23:13 for non-profit organizations, and businesses.
Abu Bakar — Muslim activist — Belle Dale, FL
23:17 I said: why won’t I take the knowledge and experience that Allah has blessed me with,
23:23 and use it for advancing Islam in America?
23:27 Our mission is to inculcate Islamic values in the heart of every American,
23:32 solely for Allah’s pleasure. Every American? How do you do it?
23:35 I am not saying they will accept Islam; but they will understand Islam’s values — Allah willing.
23:41 We have the total way of life described (by Islam), so we can’t separate Islam from our business,
23:47 from our work, nothing!
23:50 Everything we do, has to be consistent with our laws. Or else what are we doing?
23:56 It’s all in this book — 2064 — This is our vision for the next 50 years.
24:02 America — a place united under the banner; “There is no god but Allah.”
24:06 Sharia is the legal framework under which laws are enacted.
24:10 Of course America’s symbols of Islam are everywhere,
24:14 and the national model is: “In Allah We Trust.”
24:17 Allah willing. Amen.
24:23 One can view with ridicule these Islamic visionaries.
24:26 The distance between reality and their dreams seems farfetched.
24:30 But all insurgencies of the Muslim Brotherhoods started exactly the same way.
24:35 Inconsequential individuals with tremendous amount of patience.
24:38 This is how Hamas in Gaza started: providing lunches for children, sports classes,
24:42 and food packages. This is how their buds are cultivated in Europe: these irrelevant individuals
24:46 turned into a strong and influential movement.
24:49 With this ideology, Abu Bakar and Muslet branch out to transform America.
24:53 As in the Muslim Brotherhood method of Soft Jihad, initially they transform the nearby environment.
24:58 In Belle Glade’s desperate, jobless black community,
25:01 there is a lot to do. Look how they live in these buildings.
25:06 You don’t even find showers and toilets in every home.
25:11 Crime and drugs and a lot of stuff happens here.
25:15 The poverty and crime devastating the community are fertile ground for rapid Islamization.
25:20 People are looking for solutions to their problems. Islam is the answer.
25:24 The residents living there are traumatized; they open the doors for us,
25:28 because they have never seen anything like it.
25:31 You know, it’s really quite amazing, I can tell you.
25:39 As in Europe, here too, the first stage according to
25:43 the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy is in the education system.
25:47 The school is empty now.
25:51 We want, Allah willing, to buy it, if we can, from the town’s public school
25:57 and open the first Islamic school here in Belle Glade.
26:02 Right now we send our children to the infidels’ (kuffar) school.
26:06 But the plan is for an Islamic school like this in the future, Allah willing.
26:09 According to which school curriculum?
26:12 The Quran and Sunnah, Praise Allah — they will study everything, Allah willing.
26:18 And those who can’t pay tuition? Allah willing, we don’t want to turn anyone away.
26:24 If you can’t afford it, you bring your kids to school; for the poor,
26:30 for everyone; from six weeks old… We will have them
26:34 from six weeks old, nap time, and listening to the Quran.
26:37 Sisters with uniform, and Hijab!
26:41 We will teach them stories on the prophet’s disciples, not Mickey Mouse, etc.
26:46 You start with the babies — all the way up to high school.
26:51 This is the intention for this facility here.
26:54 We are open, please. Come, see; bring your kids to our school.
26:58 When they bring their kids to Islamic schools,
27:01 their kids will convert, and the entire family will convert to Islam.
27:05 These are the first steps in Abu Bakar’s plan for the next 50 years.
27:10 We can demonstrate it here, and then scale it up to the rest of the country.
27:14 We want to demonstrate that the plan can work at Belle Glade.
27:17 It’s your role model… —Exactly! —So you will provide him education, health, maybe someday a job,
27:26 Everything in the name of Islam… Islam! This is the best Da’wah.
27:32 We want to do it in the name of Allah — Exalted and blessed!
27:35 According to the Quran and Sunnah; which is — SHARIA.
27:40 We will establish it ourselves;
27:44 And people will see the beauty — Sharia is beautiful, it’s amazing.
27:49 There is nothing more beautiful than Sharia.
27:53 Muslim Brotherhood always exploited democracy for their advantage,
27:57 And swayed millions to vote. This is why Muslet and Abu Bakar are not only dreaming,
28:03 but work every single day to take control of the political system.
28:07 If there will be a contradiction between the Constitution and Sharia?
28:11 The way we will deal with that, Allah willing, is through the electoral process.
28:15 We will run candidates, wherever Muslims live,
28:19 Allah willing…but you are not the majority?! No, that’s what we say not yet.
28:25 That’s why I am running for commissioner, that’s why we need more Muslims;
28:31 Commissioners, senators, congressmen, whatever political position;
28:39 in cities, in big and small administrations… In Dearborn they already have control.
28:43 Yes, in Dearborn they already have control over the city.
28:49 So it’s not impossible, it will just take time.
28:52 That’s why the strategy here is a long-term strategy.
28:55 Fifty years sounds like a long time, but for the Muslim Brotherhood it’s attainable.
29:00 Their outlook and planning for the submission of the world to Islam
29:03 is a strategic weapon they have use for decades.
29:07 How far in advance do they envision their plan? —I think that they
29:11 understood that the conventional democratic political system,
29:14 which is based on voting polls, is a system that can
29:17 serve their interests perfectly if they grow in numbers.
29:20 This means very simply a calculation: If I win 51% or even less than that,
29:28 if they settle in specific places in the US,
29:32 in swing states which impact the election results,
29:37 they would be able to swing the state one way or another.
29:40 In the US there are states called: “swing states” — fluctuating…
29:46 If Democrats win in these states, then they can win in other elections.
29:50 and if the Republicans win, they can win in other elections.
29:53 So they settle in these places and are active there!
29:56 Besides, my dear brother, did we arrive at such a low level of wisdom,
30:00 so that we wait until disaster happens?
30:04 Did you think of running for mayor here?
30:07 Allah willing, in next election I plan to run. Really?!
30:10 First real Arab mayor, religiously speaking.
30:15 Allah willing! Will you keep these clothes? Yes, yes, yes.
30:20 What will happen in this coming election? Are there Arab voters or others?
30:24 There are Arabs, there are Muslims,
30:29 but the ones who will help us most, Allah willing, are the blacks — Allah willing.
30:37 The Blacks are the target — and not only in Belle Glade.
30:40 Reaching out to the disadvantaged is the ultimate strategy to eventually attain power in numbers.
Dr. Dina Lisnyansky — scholar on the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe
30:46 They are aware of the game’s rules, and play accordingly. They understand that to become
30:49 an influential force, they first must invest in the community’s social politics.
30:54 Community politics; societal politics — this is very important.
30:58 Therefore you will see a very high representation, especially of individuals connected
31:02 in one way or another to the Muslim Brotherhood, when it relates to community representation.
31:05 Personal Jihad… is more powerful than someone who kills another person…
31:11 Oh yes, yes, yes! The first Jihad is an internal Jihad, and then comes Jihad of war (sword),
31:17 No one is fighting, nobody is fighting us right now. And you fight them the way they fight you.
31:23 You will be aggressive towards me, I am not going to sit back and be a lamb,
31:26 to wait, and then say: “slaughter me.” But so far we haven’t had to get to that point.
32:02 This modest mosque was built with contribution funds,
32:06 and on Fridays, the growing community at Belle Glade congregates here.
32:10 Their vision is for many more mosques to be established here,
32:13 occupied by faithful congregants. Their confidence in Islam is the fuel for the revolution.
32:24 Islam is not the problem. It is the solution.
32:27 But you know; the way you begin to work,
32:30 is like the Hamas work in Gaza. —In Gaza! Correct!
32:34 Medicine, food, help the poor, school…correct, correct…
32:41 so this is like the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) style,
32:44 Yes, yes, this is the way you’re supposed to do it.
32:50 Praise Allah, ultimately, we try to give them true freedom at last.
32:55 The true freedom is Islam.
32:58 When is the person free? The true freedom in the US is basically Islam? ISLAM!
33:04 Fifty years from now this will be a Muslim Nation.
33:08 Allah willing, we accelerate the speed.
33:11 But if someone tells you I don’t want beheading…
33:15 There is no beheading in Islam. Who brought up beheading?
33:20 They are the ones who kill. How many people do they kill here?
33:23 People are killed with injections; they are killed with the electric chair.
33:28 It is torture when somebody is killed by execution.
33:34 Kill him by beheading, or by electric chair…
33:39 namely electric chair, who is tortured more?
33:43 With electricity; Yes, electricity! To behead is not torture. The sword is sharp.
33:49 This would be his penalty, and not without a trial.
33:56 Yusuf Muslet and Abu Bakar are dreaming of an Islamic America.
34:00 Until their dream is achieved; they work with resolve — using all tools of political Islam,
34:05 to establish the vision of the Caliphate in the epicenter of Western world. —Over the next
34:09 5-6 years, we want to get control over the city commission.
34:13 And when you control it? You will implement the Sharia as law?
34:18 I don’t have any opinion on what Allah and his messenger already decreed.
34:24 Allah sent stones down to the people of Lot with their names on the stones.
34:30 And if they were out of town when the storm came, when they got back,
34:33 the stones got them too. Allah wiped them out completely due to rampant homosexuality.
34:40 I have no opinion on homosexuality. I don’t have an opinion.
34:43 Allah and his messenger have already decreed that.
34:46 So how can I have an opinion? Am I better than Allah?
34:51 If you are going to say that the US Constitution is better than Sharia,
34:55 some would say that you got out of Islam. Allah decides.
34:59 But how can I, as a Muslim, accept something other than
35:02 what Allah and his messenger already decreed?
35:07 I can’t.
35:18 Belle Glade is indeed a small place, but it is a microcosm of a larger plot.
35:22 Just like Christian missionaries who traveled to Africa,
35:25 Abu Bakar and Muslet act as missionaries in America, to provide ‘medicine’ to an ailment.
35:30 Christian missionaries go to Africa and other places; they bring food and the Bible.
35:35 We bring everything and the Quran.
35:40 Allah willing brother, Allah willing dear friend…
35:47 I witness that there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.
36:04 One can argue that overall, Islam may not be a threat to the US,
36:07 that it participates in the American dream,
36:10 free to build mosques, engage in Da’wah, and spread Islam.
36:14 But developments inside the Muslim community will inevitably
36:17 present a challenge a few years from now.
36:20 First is their lack of assimilation into the general American population.
36:23 There is no intermarriage between Muslim women and Christian men.
36:26 An immigrant that arrived 18 years ago and hasn’t been to a mosque,
36:29 these days it’s intolerable in the Muslim community not to visit a mosque,
36:32 or not to fast in Ramadan… the increase of American non-Muslims’ conversion to Islam;
36:37 All of these factors, in few years, will inevitably challenge the American dream.
36:50 Soft Jihad is rarely seen and recognized.
36:53 But it exists in almost every location around you.
36:56 Political Islam’s engines are driven at full speed,
37:00 especially outside the Middle East; in each country — in its own appeal!
37:04 In Turkey it evolved so quietly until the final triumph of the regime,
37:08 through soccer games, and Islam’s visual appearances in the streets.
37:11 Lastly, the invasion millions of refugees into Europe; faithful believers in the Caliphate.
37:16 Secularism disappeared all over Turkey.
37:19 In Germany, Jihad is so quiet,
37:22 gaining support from Germans who don’t really recognize these refugees’ dreams.
37:26 The dream for the next twenty years is for the Sharia to be part of Germany.
37:32 In France, the foundations for an established Islamic society already exist,
37:36 where millions live under its democratic protection; cursing his father in Arabic …
37:40 The two ‘nations’ — France, and Islam under it.
37:43 One day they will clash, as it is unavoidable.
37:46 We are crazy! —And the US, which fights terror, forgets that it all starts with the IDEOLOGY.
37:52 The first Jihad is internal Jihad, and then comes Jihad of the sword.
37:57 Freedom of speech doesn’t always belong in their set of values or in the same dream.
38:01 I am American, but I am still a Muslim. —The world Caliphate already exists and expands.
38:06 It has a location, space, objective, and especially a vision it follows.
38:10 Islam will be victorious and will spread in this country. And it’s for the good of this nation.
38:15 The system that was molded in the 1970s in Egypt of Da’wah for the disadvantaged,
38:20 of Islam as a solution for all problems, was devastated in the Middle East.
38:24 This system has now been growing and stretching into the rest of the world,
38:27 where it enters a place of no return,
38:30 unless the free world realizes that Soft Jihad
38:33 is more dangerous than any other Jihad.
38:36 Islam will return to rule over Europe and the West!
38:39 Does the conquest need to be done by the sword? No, not necessarily!
38:44 There is something called a “Quiet Conquest” by the Da’wah.
38:48 Muslim extremists exploit the free world and its modern laws
38:53 for their backward agenda!
38:58 Next Chapter — Next week our journey continues.
39:03 The dangers of Soft Jihad which threaten the entire world are exposed.
39:07 We knew that people are following us, so we escaped outside…
39:11 We entered the street, turned to the right, and they followed us.
39:15 We left the restaurant and five Shabab members approached us,
39:19 You know, you don’t know what — police, police. Passport, stand on the side, and inspection.
39:23 Half of the station is Mukhabarat (Intelligence Services) and they are right here.
39:27 The false identity is exposed: Intelligence agent, Israeli passport, fake Syrian passport of
39:31 an ISIS member. —He looks like a Sheikh, and has hidden cameras.
39:37 Are they after us? —After us? No, but they are keeping an eye on us…
39:42 The photographer tells me; listen — if we end up in a Turkish jail, it’s all over…
39:45 Bibi won’t release us from here. And here is the scariest moment;
39:49 our terrifying meeting with Soft Jihad.
39:53 It rolls from reality, to experience, to paranoia, to nothing, to everything.
39:58 One knows nothing…
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