America, 2018 elections are a critical time! YOU ARE NEEDED AGAIN!


By Mary Wierbicki, June 7, 2018

Yes, you heard this for the 2016 elections, too.  And you came out and made it happen!  YOU elected Donald Trump President of the United States!  BUT… it is NOT time to sit back and rest.   You are seeing the threats against President Trump by so many.  He is doing amazing work to return America to it’s Founding Father’s principals.   He needs our support to continue to manage the onslaught you are seeing.  He needs 2018 elections to bring more support for building the wall, managing immigration, removing Islam from the classroom, protecting our vets, and protecting our 1st & 2nd Amendments (to name just a few areas of concern)!

Especially the area of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Civilization Jihad that is still occurring.   Civilization Jihad is still happening… in schools, with churches, and now in the political arena!   There are Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia compliant candidates running for office.  At the local levels, as well as the state and federal level.  They are mostly running as Democrats, but some are attempting to take on the Republican name.   This is NOT good!  Islam requires Sharia compliant conditions and laws.  Sharia is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution!  No candidate for office that is a follower of Islamic law (Sharia) can swear to the U.S. or state Constitution, it is not allowed!

So, when you are asked to vote… be sure you know who your candidates are and what they stand for!  We do NOT want to become like Europe!  We do NOT want Sharia creeping into our children’s schools, colleges & universities, our churches, our communities, or anywhere in the United States!  We do NOT want it in any nation, period!

Dr. Bill Warner, in a video, advises questions that should be asked of every Muslim candidate and why it’s important.  Watch video here.

Some states in danger of seeing Sharia considered in legal decisions:

MNDem. Keith Ellision just announced a run for state Attorney General

MNDem Ilhan Omar, running for a state Rep position

MI –  Dem candidate for Governor, Abdul el-Sayed (see detailed article here)

MIDem’s for Congress: Fayrouz Saad & Rashida Tlaib

AZDem Deedra Abboud, running for US Senate seat

CARep Omar Qudrat, running for US Congress  (he states he will not allow Sharia, but there is some question as to how he can and remain Muslim.  See article here.)

This is only a minor list of Muslim candidates.  Some openly display Sharia compliant behavior, and some proudly proclaim Muslim Brotherhood organizations supporting and promoting them.   There is a more extensive list here.

Secure Michigan has provided a Questionnaire to their candidates to vet them!  I Recommend you use it, too!   Find it here.  Then post the answers to a national website for everyone to read, just as Secure Michigan has done.  Find that here.

2018 Elections REQUIRE YOU TO KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES!  Proudly stand against Sharia!  And validate your candidates take that stand, too!  

YOU MUST be an educated voter!