Florida: Mega-mosque being built in “strategic location” between major Orlando tourist sites

Screen capture from mosque’s Youtube video

Source: Creeping Sharia, June 10, 2018

Without foreign funding, the Islamic Center of Orlando’s mega mosque complex would not be being built. Where do these guys come from? Where do the millions of dollars come from?

Scope of Project


  • 18,000 square feet
  • Men and women praying areas
  • Separate bathroom and wudu areas
  • Office and conference rooms
  • Visitors gallery
  • Separate entrances for men and women
  • Elevators


  • There will be a large courtyard with grand entrance and two 50 ft. minars

Community Center

  • 22,000 square feet
  • A large hall for various events such as wedding, graduation, lectures, library etc.

Sport Complex

  • 18,000 square feet
  • Indoor basketball
  • Gym
  • Squash/Racketball
  • Elevated jogging track

Free Charity Clinic

  • 2,500 square feet