Source: The United West Reports!

Shayan Elahi, leftist attorney and social disruptor from Orlando Florida, has popped up in the Dallas suburb of Irving Texas running for a local political office. Ironically, Irving Texas is the location of a Muslim Brotherhood-associated mosque, the Valley Ranch Islamic Center. This move by Elahi to an area of Texas very familiar with Islamic HOLY LAND FOUNDATION terror-funding Federal trial raises some critically important question for the good citizens of Irving Texas.
Why did an Orlando leader of the Muslim Brotherhood leave Florida and move to Texas in order to run for elected office?
Is Shayan Elahi still associated with the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR) the US front organization for the Middle East terror group HAMAS?
Does Elahi have any connection to any mosques owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) an entity that is an unindicted co-conspirator of a Richardson, Texas HAMAS terrorism-funding Federal trial in 2008?

The United West investigative team exposed Shayan Elahi as the Muslim Brotherhood leader at Occupy Orlando protest in 2011, during the height of the Arab Spring in the Middle East.
Elahi’s indisputable connection to and work with organizations like the Council on Islamic America Relations (CAIR) and North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) both of which are unindicted co-conspirators in the Richardson Texas Holy Land Foundation convictions, establishes Elahi as a significant operative in the Muslim Brotherhood.
Both CAIR and NAIT were determined by a Federal Court to be connected with the terrorist organization HAMAS, which has as a mission statement, the killing of Jews and destruction of Israel.
The Texas federal trial in 2007-8 was the largest terrorism funding trial in the history of the United States, concluding with convictions of five Muslim Brotherhood leaders and a list of significant Muslim Brotherhood organizations that were co-conspirators who would be prosecuted at a later date. Once President Obama was elected he disbanded any further prosecutions against the Muslim Brotherhood in the State of Texas, so there were no prosecutions against CAIR or NAIT, though they still support HAMAS in their goal of destroying the state of Israel.
Bottom line – Muslim Brotherhood operative Shayan Elahi is a major player with organizations like CAIR and mosques established by NAIT, so his involvement with terror-supporting organizations has only increased through the years.
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